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Just making a post to have all of Price Peterson's TW photo recaps in one place.  Seriously, if you have not read these, you must.  They are 100% accurate and emphasize the continued importance of fisting.  Also, witness the author's tender, ever-growing love for Isaac.

3.1 Tattoo
3.2 Chaos Rising
3.3 Fireflies
3.4 Unleashed
3.5 Frayed
3.6 Motel California
3.7 Currents
3.8 Visionary
3.9 The Girl Who Knew Too Much
3.10 The Overlooked
3.11 Alpha Pact
3.12 Lunar Ellipse

3.13 Anchors
3.14 More Bad Than Good
3.15 Galvanize
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Okay, apparently I'm not done.

I've refrained from commenting on Fifty Shades of Grey because a) I have no ground to stand on, having flipped fic for profit; b) I haven't read it or any of the Twilight books and don't care to; and c) who gives a shit what I think anyway?  But this article is hilarious.  If I have ever made one of my characters actually say "Argh," I wholeheartedly apologize (even though I actually say "argh" all the time in real life)(but, uh, not under the circumstances detailed in the book).

I stole that link off somebody's Twitter, and now I can't be arsed to go back and determine whose.  If you'd like credit, sorry about that.  Ganked from [ profile] leopardchic79.  All crinkling of fallopian tubes should be directed at her.

Also, Bill Corbett of MST3K fame wrote in his Tumblr "I think our Rifftrax for Titanic desecrates the movie more thoroughly, but the video above is much more efficient and ruthless."  And I will never let an opportunity to desecrate that movie slip by, because I am a heartless bitch who will never understand why Kate couldn't maybe have scooted over and made room on the damned door for Leo?  Uh, spoiler alert?

I KNOW I AM NEITHER AS FUNNY NOR SPARKLY AND TRANSGRESSIVE AS I THINK I AM.  I am, however, up past my bedtime.  Naughty me.
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Okay, I don't normally post YouTube videos, and possibly this one has already made the rounds, but I CANNOT. STOP. LAUGHING.

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This week in That Annoying Guy I Work With News:

We discover that That Annoying Guy is not only a member of the Music Appreciation Society... he's the president.  Co-worker Longshoreman (so named because of his truly impressive facial hair) and I decide to needle him about this.  That Annoying Guy explains that they all go to concerts together and such, and their meetings have a different theme every week, but they usually get to listen to good music -- "Unless someone brings in Lady Gaga," he says with a visible shudder.

Longshoreman then launches into an impassioned defense of Lady Gaga, invoking the storied history of performance art as well as Guy Debord's seminal text Society of the Spectacle along the way, until That Annoying Guy starts to look really uncomfortable, says "Well, okay," then gets up and leaves.

At which point Longshoreman looks at me, shakes his head, and says "Nah."

Also, some funny things:
~Gatsby comics
~"Hit it, Gandalf"
~Homage Week at How to Write Badly Well

I couldn't even get through the one paragraph of faux-Joyce.  I CANNAE DO IT, CAP'N!

Student Quote of the Day: "My paper doesn't really have a due date; I just have to get it to my teacher by Thursday."
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So many epic [ profile] pintofest  fics to read.  Why so awesome, guys?  Here, have some random linkses:

Deconstruction of Lady Gaga's latest video.  I can't tell if all the Warhol comparisons are tongue-in-cheek or not.

Today's XKCD comic re: Porn for Women.  The mouseover text is also made of win -- just mentally substitute "Enterprise" for "Galactica"

An e-card I'm dying to send to somebody; I just don't know who.

I started reading The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes today, and I've already discovered two new words that I've never even heard before:
bibulous -- fond of or addicted to drink; absorbent, spongy
oleaginous -- oily; unctuous, fawning, smarmy

Bonus points for anyone who can work them into casual conversation this week!
Brief note from the DID THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN? files... )
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In case anybody actually reads this, I'll be traveling the continent for the next, oh, month. So nothing new until at least March 9, but here's a Dinosaur Comic as your reward for reading this:
Last year is now officially non-canon!


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