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Interesting side note to my post yesterday: I got my copy of Entertainment Weekly in the mail today, and it has a small article titled "Ender's Wins Box Office but Not the YA Crowd."  Here's the interesting part:

"The movie opened at $27 million ... probably not enough to merit a sequel.  Ender's, it seems, failed to draw young audiences.  Instead traditional sci-fi fans (males over 25) and devotees of Orson Scott Card's 1985 book would up buying the tickets.  A source close to the production insists that Ender's was never meant to be perceived as a YA film."

A) Sequel?  What sequel?  It would have to be an entirely new story, since Speaker for the Dead is an amazing book but would make about as interesting a movie as the dictionary.  And they sure as hell wouldn't ask Card to write it.  It would have to diverge from the canon anyway if they were going to keep the kids as kids.

B) "traditional sci-fi fans (males over 25)" ::chuckles::

C) OF COURSE it was meant to be a YA film.  Otherwise they wouldn't have added the love story, chopped out the violence to get the PG-13, and showed so little of the Battle School.  If they were courting "devotees" of the book, they would've gone full-RotK like I said and made it four hours long.  But Gavin Hood is no Peter Jackson, and that sound you hear is the frantic backpedaling.  I heard somewhere else that they were thinking of making into a TV show.  Remind me how well Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing again?
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