Date: 2014-01-13 05:38 am (UTC)
Oh, I was totally waiting on the edge of my seat for your reply! And, no lie, I saw "sciatica" and for a second I thought it was some crazy-ass pairing name like Sciles or Scisaac. ::facepalm::

There's a great Tumblr post (can't find it now, since I don't go on Tumblr much anymore) where the Darkness tries taking different forms to get Stiles to stay in bed and of course it doesn't work until it tries Derek, but by then Jeff Davis has gotten tired of that plotline...

I just seriously can't believe JD would reference the abuse in the dialogue (so clearly he's not forgotten about it) and then have it HAPPEN for comic effect within minutes of each other. WTF?

If it's been three weeks since The Deaths, then why is their new History teacher just now introducing himself?

They could have had a sub before making a permanent hire, and Kira had already been going to the school since the beginning of the year? But that's probably more thought than anyone working on the show put into it.

I was glad someone finally said, "we can hear you when you talk about this stuff".

THIS. So much this. I keep wanting some extra to come up to them and go "So, these werewolves you keep talking about..."

Agreed about the Kate stuff. And I liked that Lydia was sort of vindictively happy that everyone else was going crazy for once. I think maybe she didn't realize how serious it was until the arrow? Up til then, it seemed like Allison had just told her that she was seeing visions of Kate, not that she was losing time.

I did like the episode, even though my posts are devoted to pointing out all the stupid stuff. That's more fun. ;o) I just don't want to get my hopes up, because this show is good with premises and terrible with execution.

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