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I'll go ahead and put my reactions to the last two TW episodes in one post since I'm so far behind.  However, I did type up my stuff on 3.17 before I watched 3.18.

  • Items of "Continuity": Chris first encountered the masked ghosts (oni) when Gerard sent him alone on a gun deal with the yakuza; the oni only go after supernatural beings (but will apparently stabify anyone who gets in their way) and are looking for "one possessed by dark spirits"; the backwards 5 behind the ear is kanji for "self" (have not fact-checked this); Stiles sleepwalked as a kid; Claudia Stilinski died in 2004, when Stiles would have been about nine, and whatever killed her first presented with hallucinations, impulsivity, insomnia, etc., whatever else Stiles has; there are 13 kids of kitsune, including a dark "nogitsune," which might be Stiles; Agent McCall has a secret to tell Scott (presumably the same one Stiles and his dad know)

  • UNF YOUNG CHRIS.  I'd hit it.  Fuck, this show is doing terrible things for my age standards.  I just started watching Dexter and I think the kid playing teenage Dexter is kind of hot.

  • I kind of loved Scott pulling the faceplate on his helmet down to shift.  Gotta keep that FX budget under control!

  • The twins following Scott "all day, all night" -- I think I saw a porno like this once.

  • Good thing the hospital has a nap room!  "Thanks, Mom." = OUCH

  • "I have something to show you" ought to be on the bingo cards.

  • If Scott can see Kira's kitsune aura (or whatever) and Stiles is in fact the nogitsune, why can't Scott see his funky aura?  (Derek could see Kira's more easily -- is that why they've been keeping Derek and Stiles apart?)  Does this mean Stiles is not the nogitsune?  If not, I still vote for Kira's mom.

  • I counted Derek throwing the oni out of Scott's house as "a fight Derek wins."  C'mon, he doesn't get (m)any.

  • I'm totally digging this plotline and the end of the episode was fantastic, but I worry about how they're going to bring all the other stuff back in.  Honestly, I would rather they just stick with this and let the first few episodes of the season be throwaways.  We shall see.  I am cautiously optimistic.

  • Items of "Continuity": Stiles' Jeep is a blue 1980 CJ5 Cordova; werewolves can in fact smell emotions through "chemosignals" exuded in sweat; Lydia is now hearing various things that no one else can but they don't seem to lead her where she thinks she's going; Stiles' fifth grade science report was on hypothermia; Agent McCall was/is probably an alcoholic; "Oak Creek internment camp," whatever that is, will become important later, as will the mental hospital; Claudia Stilinski died of "fronto-temporal dementia" and Stiles is showing signs of it; Barrow used Kira's foxfire to "jump start" the nogitsune inside of Stiles (apparently evil runs on electricity); Derek took Cora back to South America; Talia's message for Derek was that the Hale family once protected Beacon Hills; Kira's mom controls(?) the oni; if the oni can't stop the nogitsune, it's implied that Kira can

  • This is probably the best the show has succeeded as genuine horror. 

  • The mummy was a fantastic representation of the nogitsune/shadow!Stiles.  Whatever language he speaks definitely isn't Japanese -- crickettekeeper suggests Lakota, and some of his English intonations did sound vaguely Navajo (I don't know how closely the languages are related, if at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if no one was paying very close attention to distinguishing Native American cultures).  The only connection I could think of was the werecoyote, since coyotes are found primarily in the Great Plains or western U.S., where the Lakota and Navajo reside.  But I don't know any Native American coyote myths that don't come from that episode of the Simpsons where Homer eats the Guatamalan insanity pepper, so I could be stretching.

  • Boy, they sure didn't spend too long looking for Stiles in the basement of the mental hospital, did they?  He could've been passed out in a corner from blood loss for all they knew.

  • "Skinny, defenseless Stiles"  Derek, the wolfy doth protest too much.  It's fine; you can keep denying your love for him until he turns 18. ;o)

  • But dammit, Derek, why are you hanging around the high school again and taking teenagers away in your candy van Toyota to deserted places?

  • Such a lovely scene between Scott and Stiles at the hospital.  Dylan, baby, stop being so pretty when you cry.

  • On a related note, fuuuuuuuck, shadow!Stiles is uncomfortably hot.  With the smirk and the eyes and the STOP MAKING ME FEEL ATTRACTED TO JAILBAIT

  • That is all.

Pleeeeeeease, TW PTB (i.e. Jeff Davis), don't fuck this up!  You've got a good thing going!

Date: 2014-02-13 06:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
How about it's been so long since I've been on LJ that I initially thought to reblog your post. *facepalm*

But yes to everything! This half of the season has been excellent. Far better than I had expected. And Dylan is freaking amazing. I need like 20 more episodes just as good. <3


Date: 2014-02-15 12:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm separating them just in case I get on a roll of some kind.

~I see your baby!Chris "unf" and raise you a "hummina!" I'm becoming one of those raddled old ladies with inappropriate thoughts about young men. Pretty soon I'll be wearing too much make-up to the grocery store and being too friendly with the box boys.

But I digress...

~So, if the Argents are doing guns buys with the Yakuza, they weren't always on the up and up? And Chris was the one who made it all legal? I find it interesting he has the will and sense to break from the family when its the right thing to do.

~I don't accept the twins, not yet.

~The "thanks, mom" was a cheap attempt at emotional manipulation that worked 100% for me cause I'm easy like that. wwaaaaaa!

~Is motorcycle mechanics a pre-requisite for dating Scott McCall?

~Ali A., Confidence Booster for Young Men, since 2010.
Also...HELLO Alison! I'll hold a gun on your dad if you use that whip thingy on me!

~How did Isaac not notice the werewolf nails on that guy?

~How much, I wonder, was Stiles aware for the fight in the hospital? He seemed sort of surprised that he caught the guys hand, then obviously went bye-bye. But then he didn't panic at all when Scott came in?

ok, on to the other...

Re: Silverfinger

Date: 2014-02-28 06:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I just kind of assumed that the Argents sold weapons to anyone who would pay, but kept up the legal business as a cover for... well, everything.


Date: 2014-02-15 12:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This was SO GOOD!
I watched the very first episode because you made me (your fiction), and for the first five minutes I was thinking, "this kid is going to bug me." After about 20 minutes it was, "This kid is great, I can't wait to watch his career skyrocket"

~We're sure it's not Japanese? It was powerfully hard to understand him. The vowel sounds aren't that similar between Japanese and Lakota. I'm less familiar with Navajo. But it was hard to understand.

~I feel sure the internment camp was the mental hospital or on the site of the hospital and that's why shadow!stiles was in WWII clothes.
or something
There was a scratch of the kanji on the wall. Stiles from another time or one of the inmates?

~When did he do the yarn display? Isn't his dad checking on him regularly?

~I liked Lydia in this. She recognized his whisper, which isn't easy. She didn't find his location, but she knew where his mind put him, much more interesting. She could hear the MRI machine, feeling the nogitsune about to manifest? I wish they'd have her doubt herself less and just decide she's going to figure out the parameters once and for all.

~I liked that Derek got to know some things, that happens less and less. He TOTALLY won that fight, AND he knows how to werewolf good with his nose. Go Derek!
...and I love the theory that he took Kira shopping for a leather jacket because all supernaturals have to wear leather. :-)
And "candy van" is still making me laugh after how many days?

~ Although I don't know who this "Cora" might be.

~The wanted posters for the "sword man"? Zorro and a Samurai. :-)

~I want Agent Asshole to owe the Sheriff. A thank you, money, I'm not picky.

~Dylan. I feel like he's someone who maybe lived down the block. I don't know him, but I'm invested in his doing well. Do you know what I mean?
It is arguably easier to play the heavy emotional stuff than the very subtle stuff, but he freaking NAILED his part. Terrified, beaten down, but still thinking and trying to figure out what is going on. The theory I'm seeing is that after the hospital, Stiles went to die in the cave. Hence the "we're trying to save your life". I can buy that just from the look on Stile's face when they pulled him out and he woke up. And then later after the MRI~ body language, attitude, voice. That LOOK on his face!? I'm not sure if Dylan has always had that control over is body, I'd say no, but I credit him with taking advantage of his past flailing and stilling himself now.
How much does Stiles know about what's happening, that's what I want answered.

~The last couple of episodes leading to this one, I have been LOVING the relationship between Scott and Stiles. They've done such a good job of showing the love and unconditional support that got a bit lost now and then.
I feel sure this means its all going to hell very soon.

When was the last time anyone hugged you like that? For me...well, I have my memories.

And Broccoli Cheese soup on the stove that needs to be contained and frozen. :-) I'm finally done.

Re: Riddled

Date: 2014-02-28 06:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It definitely wasn't Japanese. I can't vouch for Native American languages and it was very hard to understand, but I'm pretty familiar with the sound of Japanese, though I don't speak much of it myself.

I wish they'd have her doubt herself less and just decide she's going to figure out the parameters once and for all.

Right? That's so much more Lydia. I know she goes to Peter in the next episode, but Allison kind of fights Lydia's battles for her there, and I didn't like it.

I feel sure this means its all going to hell very soon.

You, my dear, are a prophet.

Re: Riddled

Date: 2014-03-01 06:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You, my dear, are a prophet

it's actually just Jeff. Take Jeff and add "go to hell" and it's a done deal. ;-)


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