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I'll go ahead and put my reactions to the last two TW episodes in one post since I'm so far behind.  However, I did type up my stuff on 3.17 before I watched 3.18.

  • Items of "Continuity": Chris first encountered the masked ghosts (oni) when Gerard sent him alone on a gun deal with the yakuza; the oni only go after supernatural beings (but will apparently stabify anyone who gets in their way) and are looking for "one possessed by dark spirits"; the backwards 5 behind the ear is kanji for "self" (have not fact-checked this); Stiles sleepwalked as a kid; Claudia Stilinski died in 2004, when Stiles would have been about nine, and whatever killed her first presented with hallucinations, impulsivity, insomnia, etc., whatever else Stiles has; there are 13 kids of kitsune, including a dark "nogitsune," which might be Stiles; Agent McCall has a secret to tell Scott (presumably the same one Stiles and his dad know)

  • UNF YOUNG CHRIS.  I'd hit it.  Fuck, this show is doing terrible things for my age standards.  I just started watching Dexter and I think the kid playing teenage Dexter is kind of hot.

  • I kind of loved Scott pulling the faceplate on his helmet down to shift.  Gotta keep that FX budget under control!

  • The twins following Scott "all day, all night" -- I think I saw a porno like this once.

  • Good thing the hospital has a nap room!  "Thanks, Mom." = OUCH

  • "I have something to show you" ought to be on the bingo cards.

  • If Scott can see Kira's kitsune aura (or whatever) and Stiles is in fact the nogitsune, why can't Scott see his funky aura?  (Derek could see Kira's more easily -- is that why they've been keeping Derek and Stiles apart?)  Does this mean Stiles is not the nogitsune?  If not, I still vote for Kira's mom.

  • I counted Derek throwing the oni out of Scott's house as "a fight Derek wins."  C'mon, he doesn't get (m)any.

  • I'm totally digging this plotline and the end of the episode was fantastic, but I worry about how they're going to bring all the other stuff back in.  Honestly, I would rather they just stick with this and let the first few episodes of the season be throwaways.  We shall see.  I am cautiously optimistic.

  • Items of "Continuity": Stiles' Jeep is a blue 1980 CJ5 Cordova; werewolves can in fact smell emotions through "chemosignals" exuded in sweat; Lydia is now hearing various things that no one else can but they don't seem to lead her where she thinks she's going; Stiles' fifth grade science report was on hypothermia; Agent McCall was/is probably an alcoholic; "Oak Creek internment camp," whatever that is, will become important later, as will the mental hospital; Claudia Stilinski died of "fronto-temporal dementia" and Stiles is showing signs of it; Barrow used Kira's foxfire to "jump start" the nogitsune inside of Stiles (apparently evil runs on electricity); Derek took Cora back to South America; Talia's message for Derek was that the Hale family once protected Beacon Hills; Kira's mom controls(?) the oni; if the oni can't stop the nogitsune, it's implied that Kira can

  • This is probably the best the show has succeeded as genuine horror. 

  • The mummy was a fantastic representation of the nogitsune/shadow!Stiles.  Whatever language he speaks definitely isn't Japanese -- crickettekeeper suggests Lakota, and some of his English intonations did sound vaguely Navajo (I don't know how closely the languages are related, if at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if no one was paying very close attention to distinguishing Native American cultures).  The only connection I could think of was the werecoyote, since coyotes are found primarily in the Great Plains or western U.S., where the Lakota and Navajo reside.  But I don't know any Native American coyote myths that don't come from that episode of the Simpsons where Homer eats the Guatamalan insanity pepper, so I could be stretching.

  • Boy, they sure didn't spend too long looking for Stiles in the basement of the mental hospital, did they?  He could've been passed out in a corner from blood loss for all they knew.

  • "Skinny, defenseless Stiles"  Derek, the wolfy doth protest too much.  It's fine; you can keep denying your love for him until he turns 18. ;o)

  • But dammit, Derek, why are you hanging around the high school again and taking teenagers away in your candy van Toyota to deserted places?

  • Such a lovely scene between Scott and Stiles at the hospital.  Dylan, baby, stop being so pretty when you cry.

  • On a related note, fuuuuuuuck, shadow!Stiles is uncomfortably hot.  With the smirk and the eyes and the STOP MAKING ME FEEL ATTRACTED TO JAILBAIT

  • That is all.

Pleeeeeeease, TW PTB (i.e. Jeff Davis), don't fuck this up!  You've got a good thing going!
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