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God knows why I thought it would be a good idea to wind down last night by watching the last ep of season 2 of Torchwood, and tonight by watching the latest Doctor Who.

Torchwood: Exit Wounds )

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan (warning: rant) )
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Remember when I said I was gonna watch Doctor Who?  And then I watched Doctor Who, and then I said I was going to write about watching Doctor Who?  Well, this is that.

So, I am all up to date on nu!Who (including this current season, because the intertubez are amazing).  I shall divide my commentary up by Doctor to attempt to force some kind of rudimentary structure on my thoughts.  Also, I should have been writing this as I went along, because I started watching in... May?  And finished season six at the beginning of August?  And a shit-ton of Life Stuff has happened since then, so don't expect, like, scholarly analysis.  Spoilers for each, obviously.

Nine )

Ten )

Eleven )

And some minor spoilers for the current season )

Okay, I probably left out about a million things I meant to say, but I've been writing this for too long.  One general question I did have: DW (and Torchwood, to some extent) features a lot of interracial romantic relationships.  Are they more common in the UK than in the US, or was this a choice on the part of the writers/producers/whoever?  (Yes, I do live in the South, but Florida and Georgia actually have the same percentage of interracial marriages as New York, and actually more than a lot of the New England states, so it's not Segregationville.)  Anyway, it just jumped out as different to me (in a good way) and I wondered if it was a conscious choice or a reflection of different demographics.

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...okay, not really.  But for some reason (procrastination), I'm keeping up with EVERYTHING, even worse than after the 2004 hurricanes and the power was out for days and our generator was hooked up to two things: the refrigerator and the television.  I'm staying up every night until midnight watching the primetime coverage, and since I can't multitask, I'm not getting anything else done.  Par exemple:

~I actually finished watching Doctor Who last week (well, all of nu!Who), and I've been meaning to write down my Very Important Thoughts before I lose them.

~I am writing fic!  No, really, I am!  One of which will likely end up being my RPF Big Bang even though I'll probably finish it early (for once in my life), mostly because I would shank a hobo to get fanart of it.  But I have to focus completely to be able to write -- I don't even listen to music -- I only seem to be able to write at night, and yet I've been trying to go to bed at a more decent hour.  Guess how well that's going by the timestamp on this post.  So I've done a little editing on what I managed to write before the Olympics, but not much more.

~Most importantly, I move a week from today.  So far I have packed my DVDs and a portion of my books.  This is a big, scary move for me, since I'm basically trying to start my adult life over and not fuck it up this time (one hopes), so instead of taking care of the practicalities, I'm all "BUT AUSTRIA IS PLAYING RUSSIA IN BEACH VOLLEYBALL AND IF I MISS IT I WILL DIIIIIIIIE!"

Also I need for men's gymnastics to be over so I can quit feeling icky for perving over teenagers or just-barely-not-teenagers.  Perving over the swimmers is marginally more acceptable, save for the fact that most of them seem like giant douchenozzles.  Speaking of, you must read this (which, not coincidentally, is the first result when you google "ryan lochte douchebag").  To quote the author from the comments, I would still hit that like a Jeopardy buzzer.  It doesn't help that my mom adores him because he went to UF (and apparently, mentally, never left) and all things Gator are to be worshipped.

Feel better about developing a crush on Anthony Ervin, who, in addition to looking adorably dorky while still possessing the body of a swimmer and some kickass tattoos, went to Berkeley.  And majored in English.  And is roughly Chris' age.

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"Biting's excellent.  It's like kissing.  Only there's a winner."
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I started watching this TV show on Netflix.  You probably haven't heard of it; it's called "Doctor Who."  Or something like that.

So I'm finally getting around to that.  Upon reflection, I probably should not have watched Torchwood first, since the tone is so similar, but with extra helpings of cheese.  But I think I will come to enjoy the cheese.  I've started with the Ninth Doctor, and I'm five episodes in.  I shall update you as I progress.

Also, I am not going to ask whether I should sign up for [ profile] rpf_big_bang this year or not, because I know what the answer will be.  I'm just experiencing some commitmentphobia at the moment.  I'm sure I'll get over it in the next... day or so.

Final day of the book meme!  Sorry the ending is so predictable.

Day 30: Your favorite book of all time )


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