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After about half an hour of wavering, I went ahead and watched the leaked version of the midseason finale, because it's not like I watch it legally anyway.  The thoughts I post after each episode are made after at least two viewings, so I'll probably post more specifics after Monday night.

Spoilery spoilers of spoileriness )

Ugh, okay, I'd better stop now.  Be prepared for more on Monday, though.  I want to start writing ALL THE FIX-IT FIC and the episode hasn't even aired yet.  If anybody would like to give their thoughts on why I should like this episode, please do.
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Let's see which is longer this week: my recap or my rant.

3.5 Frayed )

Derek/Stiles shippers, heed my wisdom. Also, fuck Tumblr. )

Okay, the recap was much longer.  I'll try harder on the rant next time.
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Ugh.  I have only caught the barest whiff of wank (that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean) on Tumblr because I follow only a few people, but I have to say, I think the shift to Tumblr is seriously undermining fandom, any fandom, as a community.  Just about every fandom I follow is involved, and I know wank is nothing new, but even a few years ago when people were still mostly on LJ, the wank happened on Tumblr but was discussed elsewhere.

I understand why some people left LJ; I don't understand the mass exodus and why they went to Tumblr instead of Dreamwidth or something similar.  Maybe that kind of platform has run its course?  Or with the rapid growth of AO3, fandom has split into one platform for fics and one for, well, fannishness?

When I started back in the Dark Ages, it was listservs and archives (remember geocities and angelfire?  I try not to).  I wasn't hugely active back then -- it took LJ to make me an real participant, and maybe that's why I'm clinging to it so hard.  But it really does seem ideal: fics, comments, communities, and discussion threads all in one place.  Now you've got Tumblr, which is like a bunch of people standing around in a circle shouting at each other -- in order to participate at all, you have to listen to everything everyone else says (often over and over) and in order to join in, you've got to repeat everything everyone else before you said first.  Also, everyone's blindfolded and has access to a stack of bricks to throw at will with no sense of responsibility for who the brick hits.

Yikes, maybe if I'd actually gotten my rhetoric degree, I could've come up with a better metaphor to explain the sense of disconnection, but Tumblr really, really frustrates me.  The reblogging of the same things over and over is an annoyance that I suppose I can live with, but the inability to respond to someone's post without a) reposting it and everything before it; and b) cutting off the tags, which are a significant means of communication for some reason, make it impossible to have a conversation.  And without that, there's no community.  Yeah, you can get your rant or your meta or your angry screed out to more people at once, but it doesn't matter how many people click that little heart; it's just you up on that soapbox.

I'm not holding out hope that people will move back to LJ.  Technology changes, and I can live with that.  But the move to Tumblr has had an overall isolating effect -- slightly compensated for, I think, by Twitter -- and I just want to know what comes next.  I hope the generation moving into fandom now knows that it's more than just reblogging gifsets and adding "SO MANY FEELS" at the bottom.

By the way, I know I'm being a hater here, but "feels" is a fucking verb.  Tumblr!speak may actually annoy me more than IM!speak.
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Well, Paranormal Activity 4 was a big, fat disappointment.  In addition to a ton of wasted potential (the Kinect thing could have been so cool), it made no damn sense.

Can somebody please explain to me... )

So they're making a fifth movie, because they cost $10 to make and gross a gazillion times that.  I'll probably see it because this is the kind of horror movie I actually like (bare-bones suspense, no gore, no sudden blasts from the soundtrack for cheap startle scares), but I reserve the right to be grumpy about it.
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So, uh, if anybody still cares about the Oscars (which I watched while I should have been studying for my insane Crim Theory midterm yesterday), I went 11 for 24, so a slight improvement over last year.  And I guess I really ought to see Life of Pi (though I still want to read the book first).

I don't guess there's really much to be said about Seth MacFarlane that hasn't already been said.  I was hopeful at the beginning -- Shatner helped, of course, but the opening bit was fairly funny.  I didn't even mind the "We Saw Your Boobs" song at the time, because I saw it as him lampooning his own stupid, offensive-for-its-own-sake sense of humor.  But then he just kept on with the stupid, offensive-for-its-own-sake  sense of humor, which I suppose I should have seen coming.  He even had a few genuinely funny bits (the Christopher Plummer introduction and the Meryl Streep non-introduction), but it's like he just can't stop himself from aiming for the lowest common denominator.  And it was pointed out to me that at least four of the examples in the "Boobs" song were from rape scenes.  Were there any actual headlines that said "Seth MacFarlane worst Oscar host ever"?  Because that would have been appropriate, even if it meant Kirk-ex-machina had failed in his mission.

Anyway, if you haven't seen/heard "We Saw Your Junk" (lyrics NSFW, but if you've got headphones, you're fine), that makes it a little better.

I really hope they weren't joking about getting Tina and Amy to host next year.  I get that hosting the Oscars is a pretty thankless job, but surely there are ways to do it that don't cause viewers to cramp because they're cringing so hard.
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I have been trying to do the Tumblr thing and I'm just... not getting it.  I follow precisely five fandom people and some fun porn Tumblrs because, c'mon, it's the internet and I can't keep up with my feed.  I guess most people use it as something you're supposed to constantly check throughout the day, like Twitter?  Because some people post dozens of things a day, and even with just those five fandom Tumblrs, I get double and triple reblogs.  And it's not practical to keep checking on my phone all day, because a lot of the posts contain multiple gifs and the damn thing takes forever to load, if it loads at all (also, there's no "under the cut" option for the porn, so I feel weird checking it in public at all).

AND I CAN'T JUST FUCKING COMMENT ON SOMETHING.  That's what drives me nuts -- it really doesn't work as a replacement for LJ because there's no way to really have communities or dialogues without endless, repetitive reblogging.  Don't even get me started on the endless stupid fucking hashtags, which make things impossible to read.  And yet, much of fandom seems to be moving over there, and I don't want to be left out. 

Am I doing something wrong?  Am I missing an obvious comment box?  I know about Tumblr Savior, but that doesn't filter out humongous gif posts or reblogs and if I can't run it on my phone, it's not worth much to me, anyway.  Plus, I don't want to block every post that mentions, say, Benedict Cumberbatch, because I might miss some Sherlock or Trek news or fanart or something, I just don't want to be constantly bombarded with massive pictures of him.  (He's an awesome actor, but I simply cannot get around the fact that he has a weird alien face. YMMV)

I feel like the old lady with a rake screaming "YOU KIDS STOP POSTING SO DAMN MUCH!"  I'd love to follow more people, but since I can't keep up with five (one of whom barely posts), it's pretty much impossible.  And anything potentially important that I wanted to post would just get lost in the noise.  For example, if I wanted to share that I watched the season premiere of Community tonight and got kind of uncomfortably turned on by Jeff tango dancing with the creepy Dean, I would miss the important emotional support that I get (or used to get) from sharing with my followers on LJ.

So congratulations, people who are still reading this, you got to learn one more awkward fact about me!  Now how do we go about getting everyone back on LJ?
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Watched Torchwood: Miracle Day.  Actually, I finished watching it last night but I thought I'd let my thoughts percolate for a bit.  Bad idea, because the more I think about it, the less it makes any damn sense at all.

Yes, I know, you warned me and I didn't listen. )

Semi-related note: a friend of mine just had twin boys and named them Jack and Owen.  Pretty sure she's not a Torchwood fan, though.

Oh, and it totally occurred to me the other day that Jack Harkness actually is what the cultural perception of TOS!Kirk seems to be -- namely, will sleep with any sentient entity in any universe.  I wonder if the writers actually had that in mind when they were creating Jack's character.  Eh, probably not.
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God knows why I thought it would be a good idea to wind down last night by watching the last ep of season 2 of Torchwood, and tonight by watching the latest Doctor Who.

Torchwood: Exit Wounds )

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan (warning: rant) )
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I think I've mentioned this before, but where I work right now is a tutoring center for a variety of subjects, not just a writing center, and I tutor philosophy, too.  Well, theoretically.  I've had exactly three people come in, two of them today.  Which I'm totally okay with, because it gives me paid-homework time (though my boss realized no one was coming in and switched two of my six philosophy hours back to writing) and tutoring in philosophy is really difficult for at least two reasons (other than the fact that I got my philosophy degree seven and a half fucking years ago, holy shit):

Humor me -- I don't get to let my philosophy-freak flag fly very often anymore )

Well, the upshot of all of this is that criminal justice is... well, I'm not going to say easy, because grad school is not easy, but moving from philosophy to rhet/comp to criminal justice has been a progressive move from the abstract to the concrete.  So reading a shit-ton of crim theory?  Doesn't faze me in the slightest.  When people in my classes complain about the texts being hard to read, I want to hand them anything written by John Locke or Leibniz and laugh at their bitter, frustrated weeping. 

Leibniz and his monads

I am a very bad person.
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Next door neighbor must have his bed pushed up against the opposite side of the wall from mine, because I can very clearly hear him snoring.  So far it hasn't bothered me trying to go to sleep (thank you, pharmaceutical industry), but it is still not a thing that should be happening.  What if he decides to engage in other, less solitary bed-related activities?  I do not want to hear that shit.  I think we've demonstrated that I'm not much of a prude, but private is private.

Also, I'm pretty sure Crazy Simon is looking up terrible philosopher jokes on the internet, because he has a new one every time he sees me.  I'm not even going to repeat them here, because I am a merciful and compassionate human being.

I just adore explaining to everyone why I'm tutoring writing and philosophy while studying criminal justice.  I think the most pretentiously succinct answer is "I know pretty much everything except how to get a job."  Good news, though -- I AM getting paid minimum wage!  Seventeen extra cents per hour!  Brand-name grape juice for everyone!


Would it be insulting to leave a box of those Breathe Right nose strips on his doorstep?
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Dear Season Finale of Criminal Minds: THANK YOU FOR OBLITERATING MY SHIP WITH A SINGLE LINE OF DIALOGUE.  A rather mean one, too.  ::facepalm::  Oh, well.  Why start paying attention to canon now?

Thoughts on the ending of House )

Proposal: television shows (particularly dramas) should last no more than 5 years.  I know I'm not saying anything radically novel here, but deep down, every fan knows this.  Even if the shows haven't flamboyantly jumped the shark by then, that's when themes and underlying plotlines start to get repetitive and tedious, so the writers start inventing crazier and crazier shit to try and get out of the rut.  The problem with most TV shows is that, in order to work, everything must generally return to normal, if not by the end of the show, at least within several episodes.  Why we can't seem to deviate from that formula, I don't know -- I guess it's just what audiences expect.  The proliferation of "procedurals" (dig my alliteration) has entrenched this even further.

In order for a show to get away from this formula, it has to have a limited run, a planned narrative arc with a set end date.  I will give Heroes credit for trying to do this with seasonal "volumes," but their writers obviously discovered Turkish black mule heroin sometime during the second season and THAT went flying off the rails.  I'm trying to think of a scripted dramatic television show I liked and watched all the way through which ended with its dignity intact, and I'm having a tough time coming up with one.  Possibly Lost, but I lost (ha) track after the fourth season or so.  Most of my very favorite shows died horrible, lingering deaths.

Anyway, When I Am in Charge, TV shows will have a 5-season maximum.  Then we will have fond memories of them, instead of having to pretend later seasons simply do not exist.  I'm looking at you, X Files.

Day 22: Favorite book you own )

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I know everybody's all a-flutter about the leaked ST pics, but I have something that's just going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Prepare to be whelmed )

On a completely different note, I don't think this is a spoiler for any particular episode of Project Runway, but doesn't it always seem like if one of the contestants makes something absolutely heinous, something any normal person would look at and go "Sweet Peruvian corncakes, that was designed by a colorblind five-year-old with fine motor control problems," that contestant is never the one kicked off?  He/she is usually in the second-to-last place, but it seems like if you go all-out, balls-to-the-wall fugly, you don't get the boot.  Remember that guy who made the bikini out of neon pink string and metal washers?  He made it through.  Seems to me a good strategy if you're absolutely stuck is to just start glue-gunning random shit together and "stick by your design" so the person who "played it safe" will go home.

Also, if Mondo doesn't win this time, I'm gonna set something on fire.  Preferably Isaac Mizrahi.  I hate that guy.
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Today's super-annoying, very-first-world problem: despite all the free time on my hands, I am STILL behind on most of my TV shows.  Instead I watch marathons of Hoarders and Tabatha's Salon Takeover.  No, I am not proud of myself.

House: I have one more disc to go on last season... and then all of this season.  Still kind of facepalming over the last ep I watched, in which [VAGUE SPOILER ALERT] homedude turns out in the very last minute of the show to be a mastermind serial killer!  Who eats people!  Finally, something I find less plausible than House/Cuddy.  And I have watched none of this season.

White Collar: Haven't watched any of season three, though I think I still have most of them on my DVR, if it hasn't started randomly erasing crap again.  Grrr, this one I'm pissed at myself about because I really wanted to be caught up by the mid-season premiere, which was... today.

The Office: The last one I watched was the Halloween episode, maybe?  Though I may have missed one before that.  Again, theoretically, these should all be on the DVR.

Bones: I... may have given up on Bones.  I watched the first few episodes of last season and just sort of... stopped.  Plus, the friend I spent New Year's with, upon hearing that I was behind in the show, just went ahead and told me the major plot twists.  And it sounds like they pulled an ninth-season X Files reveal (Dude from Lost: "...until one lonely night when you invited Agent Mulder into your bed." Me: "THE FUCK YOU SAY?!").  The revolving one-dimensional interns, the increasingly-forced chemistry... is it even worth getting caught up?

Sherlock: I have downloaded all three eps but only watched the first one.  And been scrolling very quickly past my Twitter feed and some of my flist until I can watch the other two.  SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY VIGILANT ABOUT SPOILERS.  This is Priority Number One, though.

I also want to watch all of Arrested Development again and go through my massive Avengers box set, though when I'm going to do that, I don't know.

But I am writing again!  Not, like, a lot, but more than none, which is what I'd been doing through the holidays.  But first, off to finish Mockingjay.  And then check if there's a fandom for that.  There's gotta be.
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I don't know if any of you watched Big Love, but I FINALLY got to see the last four episodes of the series (that's how I got that fucking virus -- the livestream I was watching stopped and so I, like an impatient idiot, tried a download).

Cut for spoilers for the final episode )

Anyway, if you've not seen the show, I can't recommend the first three seasons highly enough.  Seasons four and five start going off the rails a bit because the writers just keep jamming in new conflicts without really resolving them, but you'll probably want to know how it ends once you start it.  And Chloe Sevigny as Nikki is, no exaggeration, some of the best acting I have ever seen.  Here's this incredibly unlikeable-on-paper character who regularly spews venom at the people who love her and, nine times out of ten, will choose to protect herself at other people's expense, and yet she's portrayed in such a way that you rarely lose sympathy for her.  You understand why she is the way she is, and when she does do the right thing, it feels like a victory.  The thing I love most about the character is that she's the one who gives the most lip service to the doctrine of wives submitting to their husbands, yet she defies her husband whenever it suits her.  Fascinating character, brilliant acting.

Fair warning: in the first season, when they were trying to draw viewers in with sex (Three wives! Can you imagine?), somebody in charge sat down and said, "You know what would really get people watching?  Bill Paxton's naked ass.  A whole lot of Bill Paxton's naked ass.  Just keep that full moon out there."  It decreases greatly after the first season, but you have to sit through a lot of forced titillation in the first few episodes especially.  (Not that I'm fundamentally opposed to forced titillation, but... nobody needs that much of Bill Paxton's naked ass.  Not even Bill Paxton.)

Oh, and here's that If Your Fandom Was Your Lover meme that's going around, just because.

Fortunately, 'The one who gave you VD' is not on this list )

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Well, I can now definitively say that I am more embarrassed to have watched Just My Luck than Princess Diaries 2.  At least PD2 had a good supporting cast, as well as the excuse of being a kids movie.  I'm not actually sure who the target audience for JML was supposed to be.  People who would dismiss Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock rom-coms as "too cerebral"?  Also, the writers routinely confused "bad luck" with "crushing stupidity."  I will admit to enjoying a little schadenfreude at Lindsey Lohan's suffering, though.

Cut for random Story Time )

Anyway, I suffered through the movie for Chris, who was cute with the kid, even though I'm getting tired of the Sassy 8 Year Old archetype.  Yes, it's kind of funny to hear a kid say "ass."  But not that funny.  And I'm sad he only wore the glasses for the first 20 minutes, because as everyone in Movieland knows, getting rid of the glasses is the first step toward boosting self-confidence.  Here's an idea: keep the glasses, lose the rest of the clothes.  I would watch an hour and forty-five minutes of that, even if it occasionally cut back to scenes of LiLo shoving cat crap in her eyeball.

Yes, that happens.  Don't watch this movie.
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So I finally got around to doing that "I Write Like" meme, just to see if I got any consistency at all.  Twenty-five different writing samples (all from fics) yielded 10 different authors, though Stephen King and David Foster Wallace showed up much more often than any of the others at 8 and 7 times, respectively.  Which is a bit funny, since I love Stephen King but, God help me, I cannot get through an entire D.F. Wallace book to save my life.  Not even the ones of reasonable-length, and I almost never give up reading a book in the middle.  I even made it through American Psycho, even though I was by turns horribly nauseated and astoundingly bored.  But now is not the time for my Why Does Everyone Think Bret Easton Ellis is So Fucking Great, He Is Average at Best and None of His Characters Are Remotely Likeable rant.

Interestingly, I got almost entirely contemporary authors -- Jack London and Nabokov each showed up once and Raymond Chandler twice, but everyone else I got was/is alive and writing during my lifetime.  I don't know exactly which criteria the generator uses, but I'm not entirely surprised.  I use a lot of short paragraphs and a ton of dialogue and don't engage in a whole lot of description, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I did get Stephenie Meyer twice and Dan Brown once.  I haven't read any of the Twilight books, so I don't know what Meyer's actual writing is like -- should I be worried?  As for the Dan Brown... well, let's just call that a total anomaly, shall we?

I've got another Nina-verse fic just about finished.  I was going to wait and post it right after the humiliation fic to balance out the nasty with schmoop, but the nasty just isn't coming together.  Possibly because it's (go ahead and get your pearls clutch-ready) ZQ/Jeremy Irons with only background Pinto, and after the initial idea, my brain is now attempting to reject it.  Which one of you Jeremy-Irons-loving bastards has been hacking into my dreams?  Anyway, I might just go ahead and post the schmoop.

Wow, this post had more hostility in it than I'd originally intended.  I would like to hereby apologize to: Jeremy Irons, the estate of David Foster Wallace, fans of Bret Easton Ellis (even though you are woefully misguided, I still love you), and people who have not yet seen Inception.  Dan Brown can go jump in a lake and see if his piles and piles of hundred-dollar bills save him from the ravenous alligators.  THEY DON'T EAT MONEY, DANIEL.  YOU ARE STILL MADE OF MEAT LIKE THE REST OF US.
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Wow, so the flist kind of exploded overnight.  Also, there's an [ profile] ontd_pinto now?  At first I was all "Dammit, how long has this been going on and I didn't know about it?"  Then I realized it had been going on for just about 24 hours and I didn't feel so bad.

Apologies if I'm a little loopier than usual.  It's time for the tri-yearly What the Fuck Have You Been Doing All Semester? from my adviser, so I'm frantically trying to put together something substantial and my brain is NOT cooperating.  It will put up with thinking about collective identity construction for about thirty minutes, then it decides no, it's time to think about... monkeys.  So then I think about monkeys until my screensaver turns on and alerts me to the fact that I have not, in fact, been doing real work.  So I get back to it, but then my brain only lasts about, say, 20 minutes before the monkeys come back and the cycle begins again, until eventually the monkey-to-thesis ratio is so unbalanced that I give the whole thing up and play Free Cell.

I'm so protective of my undefeated streak on Free Cell that when I got a game I could not solve (after like half an hour), I looked up the solution online.  Now I am filled with shame.  So, for all you Free Cell players out there, be warned: game #7107 is a bitch.

Shit, I swear I had some kind of point when I started writing this.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm-a go screencap toreador!ZQ and make an icon in MS Paint.  ::flounces off stage left::
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Made guacamole for the end-of-the-(school)year office party today, and it was a hit!  Thanks to [ profile] ewinfic and [ profile] emmessann -- I kinda smooshed your recipes together.  Made the mistake of trying to eat the rest of it for dinner, though, and it will be a long time before I'm able to look at an avocado again.

These Volkswagen commercials are really starting to piss me off.  The Punchbuggy game is, as its name indicates, limited to punching when you see a VW Beetle and nothing else.  (I had some guy friends who tried to institute [PT] Cruiser Nut Crunch, a game of testicle-grabbing fun, but that's neither here nor there.)  No one in the real world has ever seen a Jetta and punched their friend, expecting the hit to be acceptable (and thereby unreturnable) under the rules of Punchbuggy.  And -- here's the thing -- the writers of the commercial know this.  They know that it makes about as much sense as screaming "YAHTZEE!" every time you step on a crack in the sidewalk and yet they built an entire advertising campaign around it.  I also hate how worked up it makes me.  I swear, my blood pressure rises every time I see one of those commercials and I get annoyed with how annoyed I am.

Free Pinto plotbunny to a good home: Zach is making fun of romantic comedies, perhaps especially those featuring Chris.  He's all "I could write a better script in my sleep" and Chris double-dog-dares him to actually do it.  So he does, handing Chris each scene as he finishes it.  And it is good, except somehow the lead characters sound suspiciously like him and Zach...  Maybe Zach uses some of their actual banter as dialogue.  Anyhow, it all leads to sex (as these things tend to do). :oD  I'd write it, but I'm working on, oh, a gazillion other things, some of which are quite long and I would like to finish them at some point.  So, yeah, I would read the shit out of that if someone was inspired to write it.

Hmm... that's a verbal tic I seem to have picked up from a friend of mine: "I'd [verb] the shit out of that [noun]!"  Doesn't always work, though -- once she looked at my lunch and said "Man, I would eat the shit out of that burrito," and we both kind of went ugggggh.
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One more Clusterfuck Tuesday out of the way -- I cannot wait for the semester to be over.  Clusterfuck Tuesdays started out as just a particularly bad convergence of crappy hours and idiot co-workers, but has since branched out, apparently.  My apartment complex put in half a dozen new sets of speed bumps and, oh yeah, George Lucas is developing a Star Wars sitcom.  It's as though the man actually delights in taking billion-dollar shits on our collective childhoods.  Perhaps, though, it is righting a cosmic imbalance -- as Star Trek becomes more awesome, Star Wars must increasingly suck?  I gotta say, though, we're closing in on the absolute lower limit of suckage here.

In lighter news, my Google news feed has cut out the middleman and is now sending Pinto prompts straight to my desktop: behold Hot Nude Yoga.  It's a thing now.
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Okay, you know what? Bitch wants to see my work, he can come find ME.

Haven't bought my plane ticket to New Zealand yet -- in all honesty, that's actually Plan E, somewhere behind writing trashy romance novels and joining the circus. Do people still run away and join the circus? Most seem to be composed of European families that have passed down the noble skill of chainsaw juggling for generations upon generations. I can peel a banana with my toes, though. Can shuck corn, too. I have monkey feet.

Am I the only one to see the Avatar preview and think "meh"? It looks like the world's longest and most expensive ad campaign for a video game. Speaking of...

Mild spoilers for that Bones episode -- you know which one I'm talking about )
Also, is it just me, or do the recent episodes seem to forget about the A plot until the last 10 minutes? It goes like this: murder, Booth and Brennan bicker, Cam rolls her eyes, pointless interrogation scene for the Sweets fangirls, Hodgins and Intern-of-the-Week bicker, Cam rolls her eyes, Angela and Hodgins exchange Meaningful Looks, Cam rolls her eyes, Booth and Brennan have a Difference of Opinion, Angela talks some sassy sense into Brennan and calls her "Sweetie," OH SHIT WE FORGOT ABOUT THE MURDER, HERE THIS GUY DID IT, Booth and Brennan have SEXUAL TENSION OMG GUYS SO UNRESOLVED MAYBE THEY WILL DO IT NEXT WEEK SO KEEP WATCHING.

Is TV getting worse, or am I just now developing standards?

Y'know what part of fandom I just can't get into? Fanvids. Some of the funny ones, okay, but I just can't take most of them seriously. This might have to do with a particularly traumatic experiences in my younger years, in which no one mentioned the fact that the X Files fanvid I was watching was spliced with porno footage. "Awww, look, Mulder is comforting Scully and-- UNEXPECTED DICK!" So maybe it's that, no matter how artfully your fanvid is made, some small, cringing part of me is just waiting for the dick.

Yeah, I said that. I'd say it again, too.

*Dear Thailand: I'm sorry. That was uncalled for.


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