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So I met up with my parents to visit my grandmother and walked in juuuuuuuust as my dad was running completely out of patience showing her how to work her new computer.  Which is how I got an angry finger pointed at me and a "YOU help her sign up to Facebook."  She doesn't want to post, just to see other people's pictures, so I showed her how to friend people, and without even thinking (because I barely use my Facebook, and if I post anything, it's just dumb pictures of my dog), I helped her send requests to pretty much everyone on her side of the family.

Cue the angry text messages.  My dad has four brothers, and immediately word started flying about "Who the HELL made her a Facebook account?"  Because my uncles -- one in particular -- have been known to post some pretty inappropriate stuff.  Not of themselves, thank God, but humorous items of an adult nature.  Honestly, it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.  The hilarious thing is that (so far, at least) it's not the grandkids who are complaining, because we've all had to deal with being Facebook friends with our parents for a while.  Now the adults get to deal with it!

Odds are good she'll forget how to use it within a week, but still.  I'm taking a little too much pleasure out of this.  Neener neener.

Additionally, my grandmother has a wall with 5x7" pictures of all the grandkids at their high school graduations... except me.  We didn't have a digital camera way back then (I think I got my first one at Christmas in 2002) and I haven't been able to find the negatives at my parents' place, if in fact they're still around.  I told my mom I could probably dig up a picture from college graduation, and she said, "Well, we still have your sister's high school cap and gown, and you look exactly the same as you did then..."

So, yeah.  Maybe I should go into law enforcement.  They need people to go undercover in high schools, right?  That's what the movies taught me.  :oP
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Merry Christmas, all!  Whether you celebrated or not, I hope you had a good one.  If I may brag a little, behold my three favorite Christmas presents:

Favorite Gifts
Left to right: plushy Sparky from Frankenweenie, Darth Tater, and a TARDIS cookie jar that makes the The Sound when you open the lid*

Biggest surprise, though, was probably playing the Big Bang Theory party game (essentially a BBT version of Apples to Apples) with the cousins.  There is finally something that we all have in common, and I would not in a million years guessed it would have been that show.  I guess it helps that my eldest cousin on that side of the family essentially IS Sheldon, advanced physics degree and all.  Though he has marginally better social skills.  Marginally.

*My sister: "I was trying to wrap the stupid thing and it would not be quiet!"
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Visited prison today, and it was... not much to write home about.  It was a minimum-security, faith-based prison (the class was Faith-Based Programs in Criminal Justice), and we didn't actually talk to any of the inmates, mostly just the chaplain and a few guards.  Still, we had to wait quite a while to be cleared to go in (even though we weren't searched or even put through a metal detector) and one of my classmates kept freaking out.  She got better once we went inside, though we were all issued clip-on panic buttons, and when it was her turn to go in, she said, "Can I have one of those 'so I don't die' thingies?"

The worst part was that I'd eaten lunch at 11:30 and we left for the prison at 3 and didn't get back until around 8:30 -- and I didn't think to bring a snack (not that they would have let me bring it in, but we didn't actually go inside until around 5).  So all of us were starving, and all I kept thinking about was the stupid turducken and how I could have been eating it instead of listening to that girl babble nervously about razor wire and how do you think they get it up there, does someone install it by hand, what kind of gloves do they have to wear?

All we talked about on the way back was food.

Thoughts on The Trailer (Extended Japanese Version) )

I am excited.  I'm trying to squee harder, but I'm just too exhausted right now.  Let me sleep for about three days straight and I'll be doing cartwheels, okay?  Also, I'm really not freaking out about how long it is until May, because I'm almost certainly going to have to decide by then whether I want to take the thesis option for my degree and... yeah, that day is going to get here really fucking soon.

Query: is the 9-minute preview only going to be before the IMAX version of The Hobbit?

ETA: Oh oh oh, I forgot to say, I went to see Rise of the Guardians, because Chris Pine's voice.  Hnnnnnnngh.  Hugh Jackman didn't hurt either.  The story was a bit thin, but the animation was lovely and also Chris Pine's voice.  All I want for Christmas is for him to leave dirty messages on my voice mail.  That's really not too much to ask, is it?
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Got pulled out of philosophy tutoring to help the writing people today, and turducken was the conversation piece of the day.  At first I thought it was because one of my fellow writing tutors, who is not generally known for being ditzy or anything, allegedly believed a turducken to be an actual hybrid animal.  Then, during a rare break in the tutoring action (when my boss had come in the room and shut the door behind her to keep out this one annoying student who has been banned from writing tutoring sessions but will not. go. away.), a chem tutor from down the hall stopped by to extol the turducken as the perfect evolutionary revenge: dinosaurs used to eat our ancestors*, they evolved into birds, and so now we take our vengeance by "stuffing one bird up the cloaca of another bird up the cloaca of another bird -- it's beautiful."

But it turns out that the tutors and advisors are pooling together to actually buy a turducken (which is about $100, but you get something like 19 pounds of meat, so I guess it's not a bad deal) and having a whole holiday feast... on the day I'm going on a field trip to a jail for a class's "final exam."  So when I heard when they were having the party, I blurted out "BUT THAT'S WHEN I'M GOING TO PRISON!"  My boss said, "Well, you should've found a better place to hide the bodies."

Dammit, I've always wanted to try turducken.  They offered to save me some, but I wouldn't be able to come get it until the next day, and I don't think day-old turducken is the optimal first-turducken experience.  Nor is the kind they sell in the freezer case at the grocery store.  Sigh...

Anyway, the prison visit's a week from today, and the professor was talking about what we should and shouldn't wear, and all I could think of was Arrested Development.  I guess I'm going to have to leave my red SLUT tank top at home.

*No, I don't know if he's been watching too much Flintstones or what.  Dammit, he's a chem tutor, not a... paleontologist? I think we're all just getting stupid from dealing with painfully clueless students all day.
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A) Is there a way to disable anonymous commenting on individual posts?  I found how to do it for my entire journal, and I can screen anon comments, but I can't figure out how to disable them on individual posts.  Of course, all that will probably do is send the spam to another post, but I'd at least like to know if it's possible.

2) Birthday/Christmas coming up and I'd like some new games for the Wii.  I mostly play kids' games like Super Paper Mario and the various incarnations of Kirby, and I love the Lego series.  I like puzzle-type games as well.  Any recommendations would be awesome.

D) Not a question, but a serious headdesk moment I had yesterday.  So I'm helping a student write a cover letter, and she decides she needs another sentence in her first paragraph.  What about?  Oh, nothing in particular, just another sentence.  Then she asks, "Can we go on the internet and find a sentence?"

After blinking many, many times, I say, "I'm sorry, what would you like me to type into Google, I need a sentence?"  Then I slap her pencil down in front of her and say, "WRITE."

I think that is the most persuasive argument against the existence of the internet that I have ever come across.

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So I've had really good luck with bosses in my... let's be overly generous and call it a "career."  Even at the soul-sucking law firm job, my boss left me alone to do my work and wished me well when I quit.  Anyway, luckily enough, this trend has continued at the tutoring center, and the woman who oversees all the humanities tutoring (including writing and philosophy) is really sweet.  Almost too sweet -- she gives lip service to being all strict on the "no walk-ins" policy, but she won't actually turn anyone away, even if it means triple booking us or consulting with a student herself.  She's so laid back I sometimes want to sniff her ever-present Dr Pepper can to see if there's more than just Dr Pepper in there.* 

She's so sweet, she wants to make sure we're all eating enough roughage. )

*(There's no period after the Dr -- look it up.)
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Did my deviance field experiment today -- it consisted of wearing a cheesehead hat to the mall (note: I am not in any way affiliated with the Green Bay Packers; I simply like cheese, remarked upon the fact that if I had one of those sweet Green Bay cheese hats I would wear it, and was promptly gifted said hat by my sister for Christmas).  That was the easy part.  The hard part was noting down the reactions of the people around me without looking like I was noting down the reactions of people around me.  Thank god for the Notepad feature on my cell phone, because no one looks twice at an idiot walking around typing on her cell phone anymore.  Unless she's wearing a cheese hat.

But anyway, things also got complicated when my professor suddenly mentioned two weeks ago that I was going to need an accomplice to take down the reactions I couldn't see (as most people wait to point and laugh until they are behind the idiot wearing the cheese hat).  I don't know many people in the area yet and none of my classmates would help me out (thanks for nothing, bitches), but I finally found a co-worker who was willing to do it.  She asked if she could bring her boyfriend, which initially made me roll my eyes, but turned out to be perfect, because he made it less obvious that she was following me around.  I think he was actually the one who took the phone notes, too, and they're good ones.

My point (because I had one): I didn't want to stop and take a picture of it in the Hallmark store, what with (social) SCIENCE happening and all, but there's a Christmas ornament of Spock meeting Spock Prime!  With recorded dialogue!  Too bad the damn thing's $30.

I just remembered Kink Bingo was a thing.  A thing that I signed up for.  Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be making any bingos this year -- I've got plenty of ideas, just no time to write them in the next 10 days.  Especially considering that now that I have the data, I have to organize it and analyze it and somehow relate it to the course material, which is decidedly not about people wearing cheese hats in malls.  Sorry, "bondage (other)," you're going to have to wait.

Aaaand now there's no appropriate way to transition into this, but my parents' friends' daughter's boyfriend's 6-year-old son (did you follow that?) apparently has a crush on me.  So I've got that going for me.
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...and other miscellaneous bits as well.  I shan't presume.

E-book and book book

Flaily Kermit

(P.S. -- "Snapshots" is mine)
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Had a long-ish drive tonight, which I used to reacquaint myself with my love for The Decemberists.  When I got to "The Landlord's Daughter" (the middle third of that really long song on The Crane Wife), just at the part where the tempo picks up, a HUGE flash of heat lightning lit up the whole sky in front of me.  I got the shivers.

...that's all.
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First yoga class in over a month.  I expect to be suffering tomorrow.

New studio, of course.  I'm used to doing Ashtanga, which involves a predetermined set of poses in a certain order, but of course this place (for which I have an Amazon coupon) only offers actual Ashtanga at the same time as my academic classes (and early Sunday morning, but... yeah, no).  Instead I did something called Free Flow, which seems to be "whatever the teacher feels like doing at the time."  There weren't too many poses that I didn't know, but doing them out of order was weird.  Also, though I've gotten a bit more flexible, my balance is still as bad as ever -- maybe worse.  I cannot do anything that involves standing on one leg.  I just can't.  I fall right the fuck over.  I think it's an inner ear thing.

Anyway, my former teacher, Teresa, was the sweetest, spaciest woman you will ever meet... and she always talked the whole time.  Mostly about yoga stuff, but sometimes about your inner fire burning away "toxins" and how 90% of all depression is caused by sugar and, you know, hippie shit.  But it was soothing.  Tonight, I found myself thinking why the hell is it so quiet in here?  I'm so used to Teresa's running monologue that even short moments of silence are disconcerting.  I miss her, even though she was always significantly, uh, huggier than I prefer to be when I have been sweating like a farm animal.

I'm also pulling a serious Sheldon Cooper, because even though I can go to yoga and then get tacos at the same taco franchise as before (which just happens to be right next door to the yoga studio, holy shit), I have to do it on Wednesday now.  This is wrong.  Yoga and Tacos are on Tuesday.  Taco Tuesday is a thing.  Except I now have Deviance class on Tuesday.  What is this supposed to be, Waco Wednesday?  That's how people get killed by the federal government in morally-questionable shootouts.

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Turns out training wasn't so bad -- many, many self-confessed nerds among the other tutors, and plenty of Trekkies.  Quite a few female Trekkies, too, which means there's a statistically significant chance of a K/S shipper among them.  We need some type of sign -- a code word, a secret handshake, something.  C'mon, guys, we've had since the '60s to come up with something.  I just have to know whether my boss is one of the Old Guard, and I can't just ask.  I'm not an expert on workplace etiquette, but I think that crosses a line.

It's really a shame that I don't get to actually spend time with many of these people -- I work with two of the four other writing tutors and, of course, Simon... and that's it.  I think you must have to share a certain strain of crazy to do what we do for no money and not a lot of respect, especially the people that have been doing it for years.  Highlight of the meeting: one of the icebreaker questions was "What's been your greatest accomplishment?" and this math/science tutor proudly answered, "Well, I once got kicked out of a lab for coding my initials into an organism's genome.  The professor made me take a bioethics class after that."


One of the writing tutors I don't work with seems like she might be into internet fandom of some kind, but again, not sure how to broach the topic if we don't get to spend a lot of time together.  Again, signals: one for being in fandom, one for being a slasher, one for being a fic writer, one for being a fan artist...  Will someone ask The Gays (y'know, at their next meeting) if we can we re-appropriate the Hanky Code?  (Color for fandom, patterns for orientation [het, slash, femslash, all of the above], left pocket means "I write/draw/vid it," right pocket means "I read/look at/watch it"...)  Interfandom cooperation and standardization, people.  Somebody get on that.

Also, turns out I learned something I did not know: I have a second school e-mail address which no one thought to mention to me and which, when uncovered, revealed 52 new e-mails dating back to April, some of which were replies to messages I sent from the address that I knew about.  The surprises just never end.
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I'm taking a course called "Faith-Based Programs in Criminal Justice: A Critical Examination," but the professor who teaches it specializes in the sociology of punishment, so... I am taking a course in the sociology of punishment.  Which is fine, because the material is interesting, and the guy is the chair of the department, so he can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants.  He's obviously very invested in it and knows all there is to know about the sociology of punishment.  Unfortunately, he seems to be trying to teach it to us it all at once.  So tonight the lecture veered from King Henry II and English common law to the "crisis of penal modernity" to the doctrine of deterrence to the importance of lacrosse practice to instrumental vs. expressive punishment to salsa dancing to informal social control systems to sources of prison overcrowding to the price of beer.

I have a hard enough time following my own train of thought half the time.  Hopefully this guy settles down and I won't leave every class feeling like my brain just went through the spin cycle.  Oy.

Having studied in several disciplines now, I find the gender breakdown of each one interesting.  Somewhat surprisingly, my criminal justice classmates are mostly female: only two guys in a class of eleven and one in a class of five (that class started with eight students -- guess which class it is).  Haven't counted the guys in my online class, but there aren't many.  Rhetoric and composition was actually fairly evenly split.  Philosophy was a total boy's club -- I had some female professors, but there were only two other female students in the department, one other major and one minor.  The rest were guys.  (Not that it did me any damn good; I was friends with the girl who was minoring in it, and she once complained [quite accurately], "These stupid philosophy boys just want to talk about love and all I want to do is jump 'em.")

Did I have a point?  My linear thinking capabilities have been temporarily compromised.  This semester is going to be all about punishment and deviance.  You have been warned.

Penal modernity.
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Well, I'm pretty much settled in.  Even hung the posters (many of the same ones from college, but nicely framed -- because I am an adult, dammit) on the walls finally.  I hate bare walls, but I'm also pretty good at finding creative ways to injure myself, so hammer + nails + stepstool/countertop/edge of the couch = disaster waiting to happen.  I should probably get some actual art (apart from a Hieronymous Bosch print because I'm just edgy like that), but I'm rather attached to my posters, even though other people find some of them... disconcerting.  Particularly the Touch of Evil poster with the giant disembodied head of late-era Orson Welles (same one Wilson had in his office on House, BTW, though I had it first).  But ever since college, he's the one I bounce ideas off of when it's really late and I'm trying desperately to write a paper.

Of course he doesn't talk back.  Well, he hasn't yet.  I'm not ruling it out.

Let's see: school.  I have two once-a-week classes and one online, and all seem like they'll be pretty interesting.  (Though I despise online classes.  I didn't think I'd have to take any, and when I found out I did... I didn't react well.  But I'm over it.  Mostly.)  Going to have to adjust back to reading 200+ pages a week, but it's interesting reading and I can do it pretty fast, so I'm not too worried.  I will, however, for my Law, Deviance and Social Control class, have to do an experiment where I go out in public and personally do something deviant and report back on it.  Though -- the professor was clear -- not something that gets me hurt or arrested.  So there goes the fun stuff.  In another class, I have to do a ride-along with someone from the sheriff's office.  I foresee... awkwardness.

I started work at the tutoring center last Monday with no training other than "Here's where you'll be sitting," but I saw a grand total of one student all week.  Obviously, that's not going to last, and when I have five hours of back-to-back sessions I'm sure I'll be praying for the sweet release of death.  But things are run substantially differently than at my last writing center -- primarily, this is not a writing center but a tutoring center for all subjects.  And I'll be doing philosophy tutoring two days a week, so we'll see how that goes.  But so far I've worked with just three other writing tutors and shared space (because of course philosophy doesn't get its own room) with this utterly batshit guy named Simon.  I think he might be an actual professor that does ESL tutoring on the side, but he is... odd.  You might be getting Simon Stories throughout the semester.

Oh, what the hell, I'll give you one now. )

So of course I did not get to one-tenth of the things I was sure I'd be able to do in the week before classes started, and because of... embarrassing reasons which I may or may not explain later... I got distracted and I already feel like I'm playing catch-up.  But, then, I pretty much always feel like I'm about a step and a half behind, so this is nothing new.  I just have grades riding on it now.  Yay?  Also have to find a social life.  Anyone know where I can get one of those?
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Now we just need a job and/or a life and we're all set.

I actually do have an "interview" tomorrow for the tutoring center.  I put it in quotation marks because I've basically been assured that, as long as I don't punch the interviewer in the face, I have the job, as I am massively overqualified.  It's basically the same job as the writing center, but at the undergrad pay rate.  This is what having a bachelor's degree, completing most of a master's degree, and teaching college for a year gets you, folks.  Yayyyyyy.  I just keep repeating to myself "It's better than folding shirts at The Gap.  It's better than folding shirts at The Gap."  And ANYTHING is better than the law firm, so... optimism.  Hurrah.

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This is it -- I move tomorrow.  (Well, technically later today, but let's not quibble.)  And my life looks even more pathetic reduced to a collection of boxes.

Due to my dithering on whether or not to get cable -- I ultimately decided against it -- I won't have internet in the new place until the end of next week if I'm lucky, the beginning of the week after that if I'm not.  But of course there's my phone and public places with free wifi and the ever-present hope that the person in the next apartment over has unsecured wireless, so I will survive.  And watch a lot of DVDs.  And hopefully actually write something once the captivating yet ill-timed Olympics are over.  And maybe sleep?  That could happen.

Not impressed by handball, though.  The version I played as a kid with my neighbor using a tennis ball and the garage door was more action-packed.
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...okay, not really.  But for some reason (procrastination), I'm keeping up with EVERYTHING, even worse than after the 2004 hurricanes and the power was out for days and our generator was hooked up to two things: the refrigerator and the television.  I'm staying up every night until midnight watching the primetime coverage, and since I can't multitask, I'm not getting anything else done.  Par exemple:

~I actually finished watching Doctor Who last week (well, all of nu!Who), and I've been meaning to write down my Very Important Thoughts before I lose them.

~I am writing fic!  No, really, I am!  One of which will likely end up being my RPF Big Bang even though I'll probably finish it early (for once in my life), mostly because I would shank a hobo to get fanart of it.  But I have to focus completely to be able to write -- I don't even listen to music -- I only seem to be able to write at night, and yet I've been trying to go to bed at a more decent hour.  Guess how well that's going by the timestamp on this post.  So I've done a little editing on what I managed to write before the Olympics, but not much more.

~Most importantly, I move a week from today.  So far I have packed my DVDs and a portion of my books.  This is a big, scary move for me, since I'm basically trying to start my adult life over and not fuck it up this time (one hopes), so instead of taking care of the practicalities, I'm all "BUT AUSTRIA IS PLAYING RUSSIA IN BEACH VOLLEYBALL AND IF I MISS IT I WILL DIIIIIIIIE!"

Also I need for men's gymnastics to be over so I can quit feeling icky for perving over teenagers or just-barely-not-teenagers.  Perving over the swimmers is marginally more acceptable, save for the fact that most of them seem like giant douchenozzles.  Speaking of, you must read this (which, not coincidentally, is the first result when you google "ryan lochte douchebag").  To quote the author from the comments, I would still hit that like a Jeopardy buzzer.  It doesn't help that my mom adores him because he went to UF (and apparently, mentally, never left) and all things Gator are to be worshipped.

Feel better about developing a crush on Anthony Ervin, who, in addition to looking adorably dorky while still possessing the body of a swimmer and some kickass tattoos, went to Berkeley.  And majored in English.  And is roughly Chris' age.

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I suppose now's as good a time as any to announce it, especially since I've started dealing with the practicalities: I'm going back to grad school.  Different school, totally different field.  As much as I enjoyed Rhetoric and Composition, studying writing and parsing language, even if I went back and finished my thesis, I would essentially just be qualified to teach community college or lower-level university courses.  Not that that is any less valuable than teaching super-advanced literary theory, but I don't think any kind of classroom teaching is what I want to do right now.  Maybe someday, but not now.  I also need to move out of my own hometown for a variety of sanity-related reasons.

New plan: fight crime (tights optional) )

Okay, enough of that Life Plan shit.  Some books for you.

Day 24: A book you wish more people would read )

Day 25: A character who you can relate to the most )

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Free Slurpee Day 2012: 8 Slurpees, 8 different 7-11s, 7 different flavors, no regrets.

Well, okay, the sugar crash was/is still unpleasant, but as I am now unemployed, I am free to spend the day driving all about town in pursuit of my beverage of choice and reap the consequences thereof.  If you weren't following my exploits on Twitter, I had: Coke, Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Banana, Mango Bango, Grape, Twisted Citrus, and Wild Cherry again.  (I would have preferred to end with another Coke for a sense of symmetry, but alas, the flavor was defrosting, it was getting to be rush hour, I would've had to go fairly far out of my way to find another 7-11, and quite frankly, I was getting a little sick of Slurpees at that point.  Who knew?) 

I drank them all, with the exception of about 3/4 of the Mango Bango because it had artificial sweetener in it, which was not advertised on the sign.  I even drank the Fanta Banana, which was, quite frankly, revolting (though not as bad as the artificial sweetener).  At 7.11 ounces each, that's a rough total of 51.5 ounces or 1.5 liters of Slurpee, which is -- and I never thought I'd say this -- too much Slurpee.  Though it did help that it was 97 degrees outside and I have a colossal sweet tooth.  Still, I don't really want to calculate exactly how much sugar I consumed today.

Day 23: A book you've wanted to read for a long time but haven't )

Regarding the preview for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby in 3-D: Really?  Really?  I know it's Baz Luhrmann and all, but... really?

I'm starting to think I update this thing too much.

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Got the sister graduated and moved back home (temporarily)(according to her).  Was prepared for the frustration of packing and shipping all of her shit (and there was a LOT of it), but not for all the capital-F Feelings brought up by flashing back to my own college graduation, how mentally and emotionally exhausted I was, how ready to get the hell out of Dodge and therefore how much I took for granted that I can never get back.  Cannot work on processing these Feelings, however, until Tuesday afternoon, when I am finished tutoring.  Like, for good.  I love it, and I feel like I finally started to connect with the kids, but I just can't seem to get enough hours to make a real job out of it right now.  I do have other plans, upon which I'll elaborate soon, but for right now: books.

Day 17: Favorite quote )

Day 18: A book that disappointed you )

Day 19: Favorite book turned into a movie )

Day 20: Favorite romance book )

Day 21: Favorite book from your childhood )

Oh, and I'm rereading Owen Meany now, because I couldn't not.

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Sister: Have you guys already seen The Avengers?
Mom: Yes, but we'll see it again with you.
Sister: Eh, it's okay.
Me: No, really, we don't mind.
Mom: I like Thor.
Sister: (contemplating) I guess I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk.
Me: Really?  That particular collection of men and it's Mark Ruffalo who tips the scales?
Mom: Not Thor?
Sister: What, you got something against Mark Ruffalo?
Me: No, no, he's good.  I'm just surprised, is all.
Mom: Thor's cute.
Me: Mom, you have any thoughts on the matter?

I'm less surprised that my mom has a crush on Chris Hemsworth (or Thor, at least) than I am that we have something in common.

Edit: Holy crap, something just occurred to me: I should've named my dog Loki.  He's constantly causing trouble, he picks fights with his adopted brother who's roughly three times his size, and (while this is pure speculation), if given the opportunity, he would wear a slightly-silly-yet-bad-ass helmet and say things like "I am burdened with glorious purpose."

So far, Plato has not attempted to enslave the peoples (or the dogs) of Earth.  So far.


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