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So, formerly-Nanowrimo, now SoHoMuDoIWriMo (So, How Much Do I Write in a Month?), is drawing to a close, and my grand total is... 20,433 words.  Most of it went toward some original short stories, one of which got the axe halfway through.  Only 1300 went toward my so-called "main project."  And I counted blog posts, which may or may not be cheating compounded upon cheating, but what the fuck ever.  That is 20,433 more words than I wrote in pre-May-of-2009 months, so I'm happy.  Maybe one day I'll do NaNo and take it seriously.

But probably not.  Arbitrary deadlines never did much for me.
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In case you were holding your breath, NaNoWriMo has officially become So, How Much Do I Write in a Month, Anyway? (SoHoMuDoIWriMo?)  Thus far it's a (comparatively) measly 9,412 words, though I hope to get in some more tonight.  Most of that has gone into two bits of original fiction, one of which is just... not working and will almost certainly end up on the scrap heap.  But they are WORDS THAT I WROTE, dammit, so they count.  According to NaNo stats, I've written an average of 724 words a day, which is not so bad.

How glad am I to have finished Turnabout Intruder?  So glad I don't know what to do with myself.  No, really.  I'll take suggestions.  Also, I can now bug other writers to finish their WIPs without being a giant hypocrite, yay!  ::cough cough celibate!Zach fic cough::

Semagic needs to get its shit together and let me view the history of my posts, because right now I can't update my Master List or interlink the parts of Turnabout Intruder.  Or rather I could try through regular ol' LJ, but it always fucks up my formatting.  Which is why I have Semagic.  :oP  If anyone knows of another way to edit past posts (easily -- remember I'm very lazy), let me know.
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Somewhere around Sunday, I realized that the idea of Nanowrimo was stressing me waaaay the fuck out, and I mentioned it to my mom, who said, "Wait, so... there's no prize at the end.  There's no penalty if you don't do it.  So... why are you stressing out about this?"  Excellent point.  So I've decided to cheat.  Or join the Rebel Faction, at least.  I will attempt to put together 50,000 words of creative writing of SOME type by the end of the month, be it my main project (a sort-of-but-not-quite fictionalized account of my time working at a science center), random gay erotica, or fanfic.  If I'm desperate, I might include essaying and LJing. 

I have a feeling I'm going to get desperate.  Because 1,666.66 words a day?  Is a fuck of a lot of words.  For me.  And what I have so far on my main project is... pretty bad.  I need my Internal Critic to edit as I go, even though I know the point is to get the fuck over that and just WRITE.  Sigh... I'm not going to make the quota for today.  Not even if I count this.  ::facepalm::


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