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So this is the obligatory post wherein I apologize for not posting much.  To be fair, I'm mostly playing in the Teen Wolf littersandbox these days, and very little of that takes place on LJ.  I keep hoping that people are going to FINALLY give up on the clusterfuck that is Tumblr and either move back to LJ or pick another platform, but so far, no dice.  I haven't posted much in the way of fic, either, though I did compete in Mating Games again and I'm pretty proud of my fics for that.  You can find the fics here and bonuses here.

I'm considering only posting new fics to AO3 and just linking to them from here.  Is there anyone who a) is still reading this; and b) prefers to read fic on LJ?  It's just nice not to have to split it up over multiple posts on AO3, and that's the place to go for fic these days.  I love AO3, but unfortunately I think that's sucked some of the community aspect out of fandom, too.  No need for a comm -- just search by fandom/pairing/whatever.

Now for the good news: I got my master's degree.  I still don't have a full-time job, but I'm interning at the Women's Center and working weekends as a victim advocate for the Rape Recovery Team.  I may start blogging about that, either here or somewhere else.  I'd have to keep it locked, of course, but I may be more motivated to process it in writing if I know people are reading.

Now for the great news: not only am I going to Comic Con, I'm going to be on a Teen Wolf Fan Works panel!  Fellow Bean [ profile] zjofierose will be joining me, and along with some other writers and artists, we will discuss the creative process, how much we hate Tumblr, and various other fannish things.  If you're going to be there -- whether you're into Teen Wolf or not -- and you want to meet up to say hi or get food or talk about the Pinto Good Times (which were briefly revived on Instagram the other day), please drop me a line.  I'd love to put faces to (user)names if you're going to be there.  And yes, I will autograph any part of your anatomy as long as you provide the pen.

Actually, that's a good idea.  Well, not the anatomical thing, but getting something for online friends to sign.  Thoughts?
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...and I am up-to-date on Teen Wolf.  I have just been making poor time management decisions with the result that I am goofing off even from fandom stuff.  I can still write my thoughts on the individual episodes if anyone wants -- I have my notes -- but basically I share the same frustrations as just about everyone else: interesting storylines being shot all to hell.  There is far, far too much for them to meaningfully address in the one remaining episode, but I'm continually amazed at Dylan O'Brien's acting.  I hope to hell they get Stiles and not!Stiles in the same room together and not just for dirty reasons.

If I can just survive this week... and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, I'll get my master's and all I'll have to worry about then is the rest of my life!
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This year I wrote and posted:
1 Chris/Zach: The Rubble or Our Sins
 Derek/Stiles: Pack Up; Don’t Stray, Blushing Pretty, Pucker Up, 4 Mating games fics, 4 Mating Games bonuses, Check, Bought the T-Shirt, Closed Circuit, The Old Familiar Sting, Entelechy, Service Weapon
3 Erica/Stiles: 1 Mating Games fic, 1 Mating Games bonus, Shoebox Menagerie
1 Derek/Erica/Stiles: 1 Mating Games fic
1 Derek/everybody: Likes, Dislikes, and Necessities
2 Teen Wolf ladies gen: Mating Games bonuses

I didn't do the Favorite Lines bit or I never would've gotten this posted. )

I have a fic I hope to put up tonight, but I wanted to get the 2013 summary up first!  Maybe I'll do favorite lines later.

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So I went and saw Ender's Game.  I'll donate the price of my ticket (and that one Chik-fil-a chicken biscuit I broke down and bought) to the Human Rights Campaign, even though some sources say Orson Scott Card's not getting anything off the back end of the movie.  And the movie was...

No spoilers, promise )

Normally, I'd say "read the book instead"... and I still will, but get it from a used bookstore or borrow it from a friend.  Or join Paperback Swap, which I've been using for years and it is truly awesome, particularly for getting out of print genre books.  I just mailed an old Dilbert book to Alaska today.  But anyway, anyone who's read the book and especially anyone who's read the rest of the series, especially Speaker for the Dead, is utterly, utterly shocked to find out about Card's political views.  Actually, I think [ profile] ewinfic is the one who first clued me in and can attest to my disbelief.  Because the main theme of the entire series is that terrible things happen when sentient beings of any type don't try to understand each other on the other's terms instead of their own.  If I remember correctly, there's even a debate about whether or not to kill off a possibly-sentient virus.  Even in Ender's Game, Alai saying "Salaam" to Ender in a society that seems to have outgrown religion entirely?  That's in the book, which was published back in 1985.  It's just mind-boggling how someone who could craft a story so elegantly centered not merely around tolerance for those who are different, but around love, could also spew such hate and talk about "the enemy" like the callous characters in his books do.  I really like this article, which talks about the disconnect much more eloquently and from a slightly different perspective.  (There's no spoilers in the article, though it does talk a little bit more specifically about the plot.)  It also puts Card's homophobia into context with his other increasingly conspiracy-minded political views.

And that's what I have to say about that.
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So I finished watching Twin Peaks last night and then watched Fire Walk With Me tonight.  Back in college, I bought the VHS tapes on eBay (yes, DVDs were a thing back then, but they hadn't really started releasing whole TV shows yet) and my roommate and I watched the first season and a half but got busy-slash-lost interest after they revealed Laura Palmer's killer.  We didn't even get to the episodes with David Duchovny in drag, which, what the hell, past-me?  But, as I was aware, it all pretty much went pear-shaped after that.  (Dear Heroes: you want to see a real train wreck?  I'll show you a fuckin' train wreck.  With a Log Lady.)

I can see why people were so disappointed with Fire Walk With Me: they wanted answers to what the hell happened on the last (cliffhanger) episode of the TV show, and they got the equivalent of the Star Wars prequels -- very little in the way of tension because you know how it ends.  And in this case, you also pretty much know how it starts.  Only there's less Jar Jar Binks and more creamed corn (which, I shit you not, is a literal representation of pain and sorrow called garmonbozia)(eat your heart out, Heroes writers).

Anyway, I know absolutely zero people care about this and, hell, I was only 7 when it first aired, but that was truly a different time.  I am still in awe of the fact that this shit aired on network TV.  Now you can't get anything greenlighted that isn't a reality show, a procedural drama, or a Modern Family rip-off.  Such sad, bland times...
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And lo, I sought out the only IMAX theater within 20 miles and got myself good and lost on the way there, but STILL managed to get there in time for previews for The Hobbit.

Thoughts on The First Nine Minutes:

Which part made me squeak? Click to find out! )

Aaaaand onto The Hobbit: The Unexpected Stretching of This Book Into Three Movies:

Was anyone else thinking 'Ugh, troll bogeys'? )

I suppose it's worth noting that, while I wasn't really involved in LotR fandom (though I lurked heavily in the RPS faction), one of the first -- if not the first -- slash fics that I ever read and actually enjoyed was a short Aragorn/Legolas fic.  Of course, I can't remember the title or much about it other than that there was a brief reference to some very manly hair braiding?  Eh, there's no accounting for (my) taste, I suppose.
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I think I've mentioned this before, but where I work right now is a tutoring center for a variety of subjects, not just a writing center, and I tutor philosophy, too.  Well, theoretically.  I've had exactly three people come in, two of them today.  Which I'm totally okay with, because it gives me paid-homework time (though my boss realized no one was coming in and switched two of my six philosophy hours back to writing) and tutoring in philosophy is really difficult for at least two reasons (other than the fact that I got my philosophy degree seven and a half fucking years ago, holy shit):

Humor me -- I don't get to let my philosophy-freak flag fly very often anymore )

Well, the upshot of all of this is that criminal justice is... well, I'm not going to say easy, because grad school is not easy, but moving from philosophy to rhet/comp to criminal justice has been a progressive move from the abstract to the concrete.  So reading a shit-ton of crim theory?  Doesn't faze me in the slightest.  When people in my classes complain about the texts being hard to read, I want to hand them anything written by John Locke or Leibniz and laugh at their bitter, frustrated weeping. 

Leibniz and his monads

I am a very bad person.
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First yoga class in over a month.  I expect to be suffering tomorrow.

New studio, of course.  I'm used to doing Ashtanga, which involves a predetermined set of poses in a certain order, but of course this place (for which I have an Amazon coupon) only offers actual Ashtanga at the same time as my academic classes (and early Sunday morning, but... yeah, no).  Instead I did something called Free Flow, which seems to be "whatever the teacher feels like doing at the time."  There weren't too many poses that I didn't know, but doing them out of order was weird.  Also, though I've gotten a bit more flexible, my balance is still as bad as ever -- maybe worse.  I cannot do anything that involves standing on one leg.  I just can't.  I fall right the fuck over.  I think it's an inner ear thing.

Anyway, my former teacher, Teresa, was the sweetest, spaciest woman you will ever meet... and she always talked the whole time.  Mostly about yoga stuff, but sometimes about your inner fire burning away "toxins" and how 90% of all depression is caused by sugar and, you know, hippie shit.  But it was soothing.  Tonight, I found myself thinking why the hell is it so quiet in here?  I'm so used to Teresa's running monologue that even short moments of silence are disconcerting.  I miss her, even though she was always significantly, uh, huggier than I prefer to be when I have been sweating like a farm animal.

I'm also pulling a serious Sheldon Cooper, because even though I can go to yoga and then get tacos at the same taco franchise as before (which just happens to be right next door to the yoga studio, holy shit), I have to do it on Wednesday now.  This is wrong.  Yoga and Tacos are on Tuesday.  Taco Tuesday is a thing.  Except I now have Deviance class on Tuesday.  What is this supposed to be, Waco Wednesday?  That's how people get killed by the federal government in morally-questionable shootouts.

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I'm taking a course called "Faith-Based Programs in Criminal Justice: A Critical Examination," but the professor who teaches it specializes in the sociology of punishment, so... I am taking a course in the sociology of punishment.  Which is fine, because the material is interesting, and the guy is the chair of the department, so he can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants.  He's obviously very invested in it and knows all there is to know about the sociology of punishment.  Unfortunately, he seems to be trying to teach it to us it all at once.  So tonight the lecture veered from King Henry II and English common law to the "crisis of penal modernity" to the doctrine of deterrence to the importance of lacrosse practice to instrumental vs. expressive punishment to salsa dancing to informal social control systems to sources of prison overcrowding to the price of beer.

I have a hard enough time following my own train of thought half the time.  Hopefully this guy settles down and I won't leave every class feeling like my brain just went through the spin cycle.  Oy.

Having studied in several disciplines now, I find the gender breakdown of each one interesting.  Somewhat surprisingly, my criminal justice classmates are mostly female: only two guys in a class of eleven and one in a class of five (that class started with eight students -- guess which class it is).  Haven't counted the guys in my online class, but there aren't many.  Rhetoric and composition was actually fairly evenly split.  Philosophy was a total boy's club -- I had some female professors, but there were only two other female students in the department, one other major and one minor.  The rest were guys.  (Not that it did me any damn good; I was friends with the girl who was minoring in it, and she once complained [quite accurately], "These stupid philosophy boys just want to talk about love and all I want to do is jump 'em.")

Did I have a point?  My linear thinking capabilities have been temporarily compromised.  This semester is going to be all about punishment and deviance.  You have been warned.

Penal modernity.
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Chinese Diver Wins Gold, Is Finally Told That Her Mother Has Cancer And Her Grandparents Died A Year Ago

This seems to have been confirmed by several sources, and it just breaks my heart.  No, I don't know that our system for training athletes is much better (my sister is a dancer, and in high school she had several friends whose parents had sent them to her ballet school from hundreds of miles away -- some of them even lived on their own at the age of 16, and most were "home-schooled" through online programs that required almost no work at all), but the words "government-sponsored training facility" send a chill down my spine.

I remember my mom asking me during the 2004 Olympic controversy over the possibly underage Chinese gymnasts, "What happens to these girls once the Olympics are over?"  Perhaps you could ask the same of gymnasts from all countries -- even if they make it through their teenage years without damaging their bodies so badly that they can't compete anymore, as a gymnast, you're pretty much washed up by the age of 22 (notwithstanding that 37-year-old from Germany who came in fourth on vault tonight -- how awesome was that?  I just wish she'd medaled).  At least over here, generalizing very broadly, they have the support of their families and the option of continuing their education.  I hope the Chinese government continues to support their athletes after their careers are over, though I haven't heard of that being the case.

And I hope Wu's case was a horrible exception -- I'm trying not to immediately conclude that those damn Commie furriners are locking children away in factories for the sole purpose of churning out medal-winning machines.  After all, I've seen what happens when teenagers choose to commit themselves completely to a physical discipline that has a sky-high injury rate and a very limited lifespan, and it ain't pretty, either.  Even my sister, who remains committed to dancing but chose to go to college (which many aspiring professional dancers don't do), suffers chronic pain in her back, shins, and ankles, and is having surgery on her foot next week.

There are few athletes who can make a living solely by playing their sport, and even those that do have a shelf life, obviously longer for some sports than for others.  Many of them, even the most famous, have a few shining years and then are never heard from again -- though lately they have the option of popping up on celebrity reality shows for a last gasp of fame.  I don't know; perhaps most of them turn out alright and are able to get coaching jobs, or start over completely and become successful in a new profession.  I have a feeling, though, that for all but the most famous (and attractive), the odds aren't good.

I don't know; that article just got me thinking and made me sad.  Here, let me fix it: Olympics or gay porn?
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...okay, not really.  But for some reason (procrastination), I'm keeping up with EVERYTHING, even worse than after the 2004 hurricanes and the power was out for days and our generator was hooked up to two things: the refrigerator and the television.  I'm staying up every night until midnight watching the primetime coverage, and since I can't multitask, I'm not getting anything else done.  Par exemple:

~I actually finished watching Doctor Who last week (well, all of nu!Who), and I've been meaning to write down my Very Important Thoughts before I lose them.

~I am writing fic!  No, really, I am!  One of which will likely end up being my RPF Big Bang even though I'll probably finish it early (for once in my life), mostly because I would shank a hobo to get fanart of it.  But I have to focus completely to be able to write -- I don't even listen to music -- I only seem to be able to write at night, and yet I've been trying to go to bed at a more decent hour.  Guess how well that's going by the timestamp on this post.  So I've done a little editing on what I managed to write before the Olympics, but not much more.

~Most importantly, I move a week from today.  So far I have packed my DVDs and a portion of my books.  This is a big, scary move for me, since I'm basically trying to start my adult life over and not fuck it up this time (one hopes), so instead of taking care of the practicalities, I'm all "BUT AUSTRIA IS PLAYING RUSSIA IN BEACH VOLLEYBALL AND IF I MISS IT I WILL DIIIIIIIIE!"

Also I need for men's gymnastics to be over so I can quit feeling icky for perving over teenagers or just-barely-not-teenagers.  Perving over the swimmers is marginally more acceptable, save for the fact that most of them seem like giant douchenozzles.  Speaking of, you must read this (which, not coincidentally, is the first result when you google "ryan lochte douchebag").  To quote the author from the comments, I would still hit that like a Jeopardy buzzer.  It doesn't help that my mom adores him because he went to UF (and apparently, mentally, never left) and all things Gator are to be worshipped.

Feel better about developing a crush on Anthony Ervin, who, in addition to looking adorably dorky while still possessing the body of a swimmer and some kickass tattoos, went to Berkeley.  And majored in English.  And is roughly Chris' age.

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Saw The Dark Knight Rises!  (I want to say "finally," even though it's been out less than a week.)  I was super-excited just to GO to the movies, because I think I'm going to miss out on Brave, Magic Mike, Spiderman, Moonrise Kingdom, etc.  WHY AM I SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO EITHER DON'T LIKE MOVIES OR GO SEE THEM WITHOUT ME?  I suppose I could go see them by myself, but something about going to see Magic Mike all alone strikes me as the most pathetic thing I could possibly do, so I'll just... wait 'til it's on Netflix and watch it alone at home.  ::facepalm:: 

And now for a movie with fewer thongs (uh, spoiler?) )

Verdict: very enjoyable, if a little flawed.  Ultimately, I think The Dark Knight was the better movie, but I have a documented predilection for the second part of movie trilogies (Empire Strikes Back, The Two Towers, Godfather Part II, etc.).  Still, a worthy ending for the Nolan Batman saga.
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Just saw Prometheus.  I don't get to the movie theater nearly as much as I used to (Lawyer Friend, now in California, is also Cinema Buff Friend when we're in the same town), and I miss it.  Anyway, I just re-watched the original Alien a few days ago so I'd be all primed for this one (which, if you haven't figured out by now that Ridley Scott was bluffing, is pretty much a prequel).

B+ for style, C for substance )

Verdict: better than Alien 3, Alien Resurrection (though I don't think that one's quite as horrible as it's made out to be), and Alien vs. Predator (pretty horrible).  Not as good as Alien and Aliens.  Cannot speak for AvP: Requiem, as I do have some standards.

BTW, some parts of the original Alien, especially on the engineering deck?  Rival ST:XI in terms of lens flare.  Just throwin' that out there.
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I suppose now's as good a time as any to announce it, especially since I've started dealing with the practicalities: I'm going back to grad school.  Different school, totally different field.  As much as I enjoyed Rhetoric and Composition, studying writing and parsing language, even if I went back and finished my thesis, I would essentially just be qualified to teach community college or lower-level university courses.  Not that that is any less valuable than teaching super-advanced literary theory, but I don't think any kind of classroom teaching is what I want to do right now.  Maybe someday, but not now.  I also need to move out of my own hometown for a variety of sanity-related reasons.

New plan: fight crime (tights optional) )

Okay, enough of that Life Plan shit.  Some books for you.

Day 24: A book you wish more people would read )

Day 25: A character who you can relate to the most )

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Okay, apparently I'm not done.

I've refrained from commenting on Fifty Shades of Grey because a) I have no ground to stand on, having flipped fic for profit; b) I haven't read it or any of the Twilight books and don't care to; and c) who gives a shit what I think anyway?  But this article is hilarious.  If I have ever made one of my characters actually say "Argh," I wholeheartedly apologize (even though I actually say "argh" all the time in real life)(but, uh, not under the circumstances detailed in the book).

I stole that link off somebody's Twitter, and now I can't be arsed to go back and determine whose.  If you'd like credit, sorry about that.  Ganked from [ profile] leopardchic79.  All crinkling of fallopian tubes should be directed at her.

Also, Bill Corbett of MST3K fame wrote in his Tumblr "I think our Rifftrax for Titanic desecrates the movie more thoroughly, but the video above is much more efficient and ruthless."  And I will never let an opportunity to desecrate that movie slip by, because I am a heartless bitch who will never understand why Kate couldn't maybe have scooted over and made room on the damned door for Leo?  Uh, spoiler alert?

I KNOW I AM NEITHER AS FUNNY NOR SPARKLY AND TRANSGRESSIVE AS I THINK I AM.  I am, however, up past my bedtime.  Naughty me.
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Last portrait (for now); kinda sad.

The model is sad, too )

Ok, time for some books!

Day 8: Most overrated book )

Day 9: A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving )

Day 10: Favorite classic book )

And now for something completely different: I had a weird experience the other day.  I had Netflix'd A Dangerous Method, even though Keira Knightly annoys the crap out of me, and the whole time I was watching, I had the unshakeable conviction that I've seen this before, and Ralph Fiennes is supposed to be playing Jung.  Credits say it was based on a play called The Talking Cure.  I went through some old travel journals, and sure enough, I saw The Talking Cure at the National Theatre in London on January 2, 2003.  Google confirmed it starred Ralph Fiennes.  Then I remembered -- the terrible seats, because the thing had been sold out before it even opened; the three-story set that took up the entire proscenium, floor to ceiling; being really uncomfortable during the rough sex scenes because I'd gone to see it with a slightly older male friend. 

What disturbs me about it is that I didn't remember the play for certain until I found the ticket.  I thought maybe I'd imagined the whole thing.  And if I hadn't seen the movie the other day, I couldn't have told you anything about the plot.  I was excited that I managed to see the play, and according to the journal, I really enjoyed it.  I don't know; I suppose the nine-year time lapse makes it forgiveable, but I've always had a really good memory, and it freaks me out when I can't remember things I think I should.  I mean, I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure I saw Ralph Fiennes' naked ass (or, as we were in London, arse) that day, and that is not something that should be forgotten.  I'm too young to worry about my mind going, but I do, even if it's probably not warranted.

Incidentally, that's the same London trip in which I met Gillian Anderson as well as Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.  The latter called me "daft."  In an affectionate way, of course (long story involving a friend bribing me to ambush her at the stage door).  Whatever, Professor McGonagall called me daft!  I'm practically a Gryffindor!  ::throws confetti::

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For those of you who were not privileged to my Twitter-spewing this evening, I watched War Horse.  I'm not generally a fan of either war movies or horse movies (never did go through the "I want a pony" phase as a child), so I knew going in that it wasn't going to be my cup of tea, but it was entertaining enough.  Pretty much what you'd expect from a big-budget, Oscar bait movie.  But did anyone else notice...

Big, fat spoilers )

Love the pointy German helmets, though.  Perhaps a touch impractical, but an effective way of saying "don't piss me off or I will skewer you, rhinoceros-style, with my hat."
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Okay, I feel as though the fic I'm about to post warrants some explanation, or at least some context.

I can blame the whole thing on Hoarders, really )

I don't expect more than about three people to read this (which is totally fine since I'm kind of nervous about working with actual established canon again)(also het).  In fact, I wrote both fics without the intention of posting them, but it turns out I need to put them where I can at least imagine someone who is not me reading them.  And I wanted to explain myself lest someone think a het-writing, rare-pair-shipping pod person who watches a show I've barely mentioned has taken over my journal.  Also, I need to post this fucking thing so my Muse will shut up and I can get back to finishing my Pinto Harlequin fic arrrrrrrrgh.
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Seems like a lot of people on my flist are having a rough week.  Makes my head cold seem downright enjoyable by comparison.  I'm sorry, you guys, and I hope you get through it.  I wish I could offer you some serious consolation, but this is the internet, so please enjoy this gif of a dolphin being a real dickbag instead:


What's with celebrities on Twitter a) begging for followers; and/or b) retweeting people who tweet them about how awesome they (the celebrities) are?  I mean, it's not like I'm surprised they're not all humble, barely-coherent inanity like ZQ, but you're already famous.  If you need to retweet people who tell you they love you in order to encourage more people to tweet to you telling you they love you, you might have a personality disorder.  Or you might be William Shatner.  I love the Shat, but he is SO GUILTY of this.

Speaking of Twitter, I know I posted an abbreviated version of this over there, but I think it's worth repeating.  So my dad and I are watching L.A. Confidential, which is one of my all-time favorite movies (and not JUST because of pre-bloat-era Russell Crowe)(but a little bit because of that), and he sees fit to pause the movie to comment on one of the cars: "That there's a 1951 Ford.  That's the first car I can remember my family owning -- black, just like that one.  It's also the car your Uncle Kenny fell out of when [your grandmother] took a corner too fast.  She didn't slow down enough, and... [explanatory hand gesture] out he went."

This explains A GREAT DEAL about Uncle Kenny.
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First of all, I'm not someone who gets mad when a movie isn't 100% faithful to the book.  They're different media, and what works in one doesn't necessarily work in the other.  I may occasionally bitch if a scene I particularly like is left out altogether, but in general, as long as they get the characters and themes right, I don't mind the differences.  And yes, I do think there are some movies that are better than the books they're based on.  (Ever read The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty?  Don't.)

We've got movie sign! )

Also, in case anybody asks me, I think Chris Pine would make an excellent Finnick.  And I could see Zach as Plutarch.  HEY HOLLYWOOD GIVE ME A CALL I HAVE SOME GREAT IDEAS.


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