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If you are a fan of women's 10m platform diving and lacking someone to cheer for (quite a large demographic, I know), consider the U.S.'s Brittany Viola.  She graduated from my old high school, and while I didn't know her (as I am old, so old), I did know her older brother.  She's almost certainly not going to win a medal unless the Chinese do a double belly-flop, but she's qualified for the semis and has a decent shot of getting into the finals.

Also, while I have no reliable confirmation, this may have happened:

Gillian Anderson Living With Lover David Duchovny

Spongebob Wutface

Honest to god, I... I have no idea how to feel about this.  The X Files was my life from the ages of eleven through eighteen, so this is just, like... Words.  None.  I feel as though I have slipped into a parallel universe without a fourth wall.  If this is so, I would also request a copy of the Pinto sex tape and a shot at piloting the Millenium Falcon and/or the TARDIS.
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Today's super-annoying, very-first-world problem: despite all the free time on my hands, I am STILL behind on most of my TV shows.  Instead I watch marathons of Hoarders and Tabatha's Salon Takeover.  No, I am not proud of myself.

House: I have one more disc to go on last season... and then all of this season.  Still kind of facepalming over the last ep I watched, in which [VAGUE SPOILER ALERT] homedude turns out in the very last minute of the show to be a mastermind serial killer!  Who eats people!  Finally, something I find less plausible than House/Cuddy.  And I have watched none of this season.

White Collar: Haven't watched any of season three, though I think I still have most of them on my DVR, if it hasn't started randomly erasing crap again.  Grrr, this one I'm pissed at myself about because I really wanted to be caught up by the mid-season premiere, which was... today.

The Office: The last one I watched was the Halloween episode, maybe?  Though I may have missed one before that.  Again, theoretically, these should all be on the DVR.

Bones: I... may have given up on Bones.  I watched the first few episodes of last season and just sort of... stopped.  Plus, the friend I spent New Year's with, upon hearing that I was behind in the show, just went ahead and told me the major plot twists.  And it sounds like they pulled an ninth-season X Files reveal (Dude from Lost: "...until one lonely night when you invited Agent Mulder into your bed." Me: "THE FUCK YOU SAY?!").  The revolving one-dimensional interns, the increasingly-forced chemistry... is it even worth getting caught up?

Sherlock: I have downloaded all three eps but only watched the first one.  And been scrolling very quickly past my Twitter feed and some of my flist until I can watch the other two.  SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY VIGILANT ABOUT SPOILERS.  This is Priority Number One, though.

I also want to watch all of Arrested Development again and go through my massive Avengers box set, though when I'm going to do that, I don't know.

But I am writing again!  Not, like, a lot, but more than none, which is what I'd been doing through the holidays.  But first, off to finish Mockingjay.  And then check if there's a fandom for that.  There's gotta be.
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We were talking about The X Files at work today and it got me in a snit all over again about how it ended.  God, it was so bad.  It was so bad.  I mean, there at the end, Chris Carter and/or the Fox executives were pretty much screaming, "KILL IT!  KILL IT!  DANCE ON ITS CORPSE AND SEE IF MORE MONEY OOZES OUT!"*  You think Heroes got bad in the end?  Ha!  Ha, I say!

And then the movie two years ago that was... sigh... such a wasted opportunity.  I knew I it was going to be disappointing when I read an interview in Entertainment Weekly in which Chris Carter said that they were trying to appeal to the generation that was raised on Hostel and the Saw movies.  The movie wasn't uniformly horrible -- Billy Connelly was awesome, and I liked the glimpses into Mulder and Scully's post-FBI life.  So much potential there, and they wasted it on a shitty, gore-splattered remake of "Beyond the Sea."

Random observation: just about everyone I know who has only seen one episode of The X Files has seen "that cockroach one."  Honestly, I've heard this from at least half a dozen separate people, all of whom decided on that basis never to watch the show again.  It's not a bad episode, it's just not the one you want to introduce the show to someone with.  (Worst episode ever?  "Home."  It's the only one I will never, ever rewatch, and somehow it always gets voted in as a fan favorite.  Hostel and Saw generation, indeed.)

Anyway, for those of you that did watch the show, what were your favorite episodes?

*Spoiler alert: it didn't.
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Setting: a local Chinese restaurant. Mom and Dad have already gotten a table

Me: Hello!  Sorry I missed your phone call earlier.

Dad: That's alright.  I just had a question about The X Files.

Me: Go for it.

Dad: Who is Diana Fowley?

(awkward pause)

Me: I can't say that word at the dinner table.


Also, Thing That Pisses Me Off #3749: obnoxiously cute couples who get professional (non-wedding) photos taken together and post them all over the internet to show everyone how perfect they are.  I'm not one of those people that's always got to have a significant other, but come on Especially when I know she stole him from a "friend" in the first place.

Ahem.  Forgive me, it's been a bit of a bad... decade.  So now, do I watch Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece The Seven Samurai, or the Simpsons Tree House of Horror 16?  I think you know the answer to that.

Oh, yes, the train trip!  Great fun, except I came very close to strangling Shannon in an Au Bon Pain next to the FBI building.
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The phone rings.

Me: Hello?

Dad: So Agent Scully's in a coma...

Me: Hi, Dad.

Dad: And Mulder's trying to find whoever put her in the coma. And there's this guy -- Frohan, Frodo...

Me: Frohike.

Dad: Right, Frohike. Is this a two-parter? Because I don't like two-parters.

Me: They've shown Scully in the boat, right?

Dad: Yup, boat.

Me: It's called "One Breath," and it's at the end of the abduction arc. Well, the first one, the one with Duane Barry. Anyway, no, there's not another part after this one.

Dad: Great! What season is this?

Me: Mid-second.

There is a lengthy pause

Dad: The X Files used to be good.

Me: Yes it did. Call me if you have any more questions.

Dad: Uh-huh.


Aaaaand, scene.


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