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After about half an hour of wavering, I went ahead and watched the leaked version of the midseason finale, because it's not like I watch it legally anyway.  The thoughts I post after each episode are made after at least two viewings, so I'll probably post more specifics after Monday night.

Spoilery spoilers of spoileriness )

Ugh, okay, I'd better stop now.  Be prepared for more on Monday, though.  I want to start writing ALL THE FIX-IT FIC and the episode hasn't even aired yet.  If anybody would like to give their thoughts on why I should like this episode, please do.
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Today's super-annoying, very-first-world problem: despite all the free time on my hands, I am STILL behind on most of my TV shows.  Instead I watch marathons of Hoarders and Tabatha's Salon Takeover.  No, I am not proud of myself.

House: I have one more disc to go on last season... and then all of this season.  Still kind of facepalming over the last ep I watched, in which [VAGUE SPOILER ALERT] homedude turns out in the very last minute of the show to be a mastermind serial killer!  Who eats people!  Finally, something I find less plausible than House/Cuddy.  And I have watched none of this season.

White Collar: Haven't watched any of season three, though I think I still have most of them on my DVR, if it hasn't started randomly erasing crap again.  Grrr, this one I'm pissed at myself about because I really wanted to be caught up by the mid-season premiere, which was... today.

The Office: The last one I watched was the Halloween episode, maybe?  Though I may have missed one before that.  Again, theoretically, these should all be on the DVR.

Bones: I... may have given up on Bones.  I watched the first few episodes of last season and just sort of... stopped.  Plus, the friend I spent New Year's with, upon hearing that I was behind in the show, just went ahead and told me the major plot twists.  And it sounds like they pulled an ninth-season X Files reveal (Dude from Lost: "...until one lonely night when you invited Agent Mulder into your bed." Me: "THE FUCK YOU SAY?!").  The revolving one-dimensional interns, the increasingly-forced chemistry... is it even worth getting caught up?

Sherlock: I have downloaded all three eps but only watched the first one.  And been scrolling very quickly past my Twitter feed and some of my flist until I can watch the other two.  SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY VIGILANT ABOUT SPOILERS.  This is Priority Number One, though.

I also want to watch all of Arrested Development again and go through my massive Avengers box set, though when I'm going to do that, I don't know.

But I am writing again!  Not, like, a lot, but more than none, which is what I'd been doing through the holidays.  But first, off to finish Mockingjay.  And then check if there's a fandom for that.  There's gotta be.
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We were talking about The X Files at work today and it got me in a snit all over again about how it ended.  God, it was so bad.  It was so bad.  I mean, there at the end, Chris Carter and/or the Fox executives were pretty much screaming, "KILL IT!  KILL IT!  DANCE ON ITS CORPSE AND SEE IF MORE MONEY OOZES OUT!"*  You think Heroes got bad in the end?  Ha!  Ha, I say!

And then the movie two years ago that was... sigh... such a wasted opportunity.  I knew I it was going to be disappointing when I read an interview in Entertainment Weekly in which Chris Carter said that they were trying to appeal to the generation that was raised on Hostel and the Saw movies.  The movie wasn't uniformly horrible -- Billy Connelly was awesome, and I liked the glimpses into Mulder and Scully's post-FBI life.  So much potential there, and they wasted it on a shitty, gore-splattered remake of "Beyond the Sea."

Random observation: just about everyone I know who has only seen one episode of The X Files has seen "that cockroach one."  Honestly, I've heard this from at least half a dozen separate people, all of whom decided on that basis never to watch the show again.  It's not a bad episode, it's just not the one you want to introduce the show to someone with.  (Worst episode ever?  "Home."  It's the only one I will never, ever rewatch, and somehow it always gets voted in as a fan favorite.  Hostel and Saw generation, indeed.)

Anyway, for those of you that did watch the show, what were your favorite episodes?

*Spoiler alert: it didn't.
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Saw Alice in Wonderland today, and it was pretty good.  Not astoundingly great, but worth seeing in the theatre.  But there was one thing that bugged me: they kept referring to the monster as "the Jabberwocky."  Am I crazy or should it be "Jabberwock"?  "Jabberwocky" is the name of the poem, as in "of or relating to the Jabberwock."  The creature is called "the Jabberwock" twice in the text.  That is its name.  Otherwise, it's like spying the bird from Poe's poem and saying, "Look!  It's the The Raven!"

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Okay, you know what? Bitch wants to see my work, he can come find ME.

Haven't bought my plane ticket to New Zealand yet -- in all honesty, that's actually Plan E, somewhere behind writing trashy romance novels and joining the circus. Do people still run away and join the circus? Most seem to be composed of European families that have passed down the noble skill of chainsaw juggling for generations upon generations. I can peel a banana with my toes, though. Can shuck corn, too. I have monkey feet.

Am I the only one to see the Avatar preview and think "meh"? It looks like the world's longest and most expensive ad campaign for a video game. Speaking of...

Mild spoilers for that Bones episode -- you know which one I'm talking about )
Also, is it just me, or do the recent episodes seem to forget about the A plot until the last 10 minutes? It goes like this: murder, Booth and Brennan bicker, Cam rolls her eyes, pointless interrogation scene for the Sweets fangirls, Hodgins and Intern-of-the-Week bicker, Cam rolls her eyes, Angela and Hodgins exchange Meaningful Looks, Cam rolls her eyes, Booth and Brennan have a Difference of Opinion, Angela talks some sassy sense into Brennan and calls her "Sweetie," OH SHIT WE FORGOT ABOUT THE MURDER, HERE THIS GUY DID IT, Booth and Brennan have SEXUAL TENSION OMG GUYS SO UNRESOLVED MAYBE THEY WILL DO IT NEXT WEEK SO KEEP WATCHING.

Is TV getting worse, or am I just now developing standards?

Y'know what part of fandom I just can't get into? Fanvids. Some of the funny ones, okay, but I just can't take most of them seriously. This might have to do with a particularly traumatic experiences in my younger years, in which no one mentioned the fact that the X Files fanvid I was watching was spliced with porno footage. "Awww, look, Mulder is comforting Scully and-- UNEXPECTED DICK!" So maybe it's that, no matter how artfully your fanvid is made, some small, cringing part of me is just waiting for the dick.

Yeah, I said that. I'd say it again, too.

*Dear Thailand: I'm sorry. That was uncalled for.
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So somebody on ontd_startrek posted a link to Akinator, the Web Genius, and I have been playing with that shit for way too long now.

Guessed on the first try:
Captain Jack Harkness
Angela Petrelli (Heroes)
Quinn Mallory (Sliders) --> this one made me go HOLY SHIT IT KNOWS MY MIIIIIIIIIIIIIND
Heffer Wolfe (Rocko's Modern Life)

Stumped it With:
Artie: The Strongest Man in the World (Adventures of Pete & Pete)
Private (Madagascar) -- though to be fair, it did guess first Kowalski and then Skipper, so it was damned close
Sam (Clarissa Explains It All)
Donkey Lips (Salute Your Shorts)

The answer to your question is yes, I did bombard it with old-school Nickelodeon shows just for the hell of it.

I woke up with a sore throat today, and my life is so boring that I kind of hope it turns out to be Swine Flu.  I mean, if it's the regular flu, tough shit, but if it's Swine Flu, I can throw myself an epic pity party.

So basically my point is: EVERYONE GET OVER THE DAMN SWINE FLU.  IT'S GOING TO BE MAD COW THAT KILLS US ALL IN THE END, SLOWLY AND WITHOUT DIGNITY.  Have you seen what new variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob does to the human brain?  Swiss cheese, bitchez.

Sorry, I have a RL journal for this type of nonsense, but no one reads that one either.  Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


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