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Sorry my write-up is a bit late, but I've all but given up on livestreaming, and then Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days.  I know how breathless you all are with anticipation to hear what I'm going to bitch about this week.

  • Items of "Continuity": werewolves can't regrow digits but it would appear they can be reattached; Talia's claws survived the fire (?!) and have the magical power of allowing someone to communicate with her beyond the grave once said claws are jammed in the back of somebody's neck (?!?!); if Barrow is to be believed, there are more werewolves (or at least creatures with glowy eyes) in Beacon Hills than we know about; the twins are omegas now; Mr. Kira's Dad is Korean and took Mrs. Kira's Mom's Japanese surname; Melissa's maiden name was Delgado (did we know this already?); whatever Kira is can absorb huge amounts of electricity

  • FINALLY someone acknowledges the despicable nature of the actions of the Murder Twins.  Not for very long, mind you, because Lydia needs to get some tail (HA!), but at least it's mentioned.  Unlike Cora.

  • Sweet Peruvian corn cakes, what does it take to get Beacon Hills High to evacuate the school!  There's a child-killer on the loose, so let's fucking lock ourselves in with him.

  • "Lydia wasn't on the chessboard."  I found this unbelievably endearing.  The Sheriff is trying so hard!  Stiles should give him extra hugs.

  • Does Derek know Peter's an alpha?

  • I want to like Kira, but one of my TV/movie pet peeves is making a character, particularly a female character, clumsy as a shortcut to show that she's good-hearted.  No need to see her interact with anyone -- she just drops her books so adorably!  If Kira turns out to be evil, I will give the writers mad props for subverting this cliche, but until then, I say: UGH.  (Yes, Stiles is clumsy, but we were shown from the beginning that he wasn't entirely pure of heart or whatever, and more importantly, we know other things about him.  We may or may not find out much more about Kira.)

  • Is sushi still viewed as bizarre exotic cuisine?  I mean, I understand that Scott might never have tried it or learned how to use chopsticks, but he just looked so baffled.  And the wasabi as guacamole?  Why do the writers keep making him do such dumb things?  Mr. Kira's Dad is Korean, so all that scene needed to make sense was some motherfuckin' kimchee.

  • It looks like the Lydia & Stiles Supernatural Detective Agency is becoming a real thing!  Unfortunately, it's probably leading to romance when all I want is some awesome BFFery, but I think we know by now that I never get what I want.

  • The competitive stripping scene was hysterical... but really, really bizarre.  Another one of those moments where a writer went "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if..." and no one stopped to think that maybe that might not fit the motivations of the characters.  Also, there is way more sexual tension between Scott and Isaac than Isaac and Allison.

  • Okay, the "I've only got one bat" line was funny, but how has Stiles not figured out that Lydia does not want to be left alone and out of the loop when shit's going down?  And Stiles needs Lydia in case of spree killers who like to write out their victims' names using the periodic table!

  • "Nobody cares about crappy remakes."  Has the show become self-aware?

  • Nah.

  • Do we know for sure that Kira's the kitsune?  Because I'm betting it's her mom.  Or maybe her mom is one as well.  Or maybe the writers taking the time to point out that her dad is Korean and her mom is Japanese is just as random as it seems.

  • Any of you X-Philes see the scene at the end where Isaac's surrounded by three masked figures and think immediately of "Hell Money"?  I hope a frog shows up in someone's chest.

  • My main problem with this episode was that it seemed like, if not an entirely different show, then an entirely different season.  There was no attempt to advance the elements already introduced ("the door" which is apparently open; Stiles, Scott, and Allison's respective hallucinations; the Mexican hunters; La Loba; the return of Braedon at the behest of Deucalion; the fact that Talia's claws were preserved and hidden in mountain ash; the mysterious Tate family car crash; the existence of werecoyotes; the creatures emerging from the Nemeton; what the fuck happened to Cora) or -- god forbid -- the characterization, but a whole new crop of plotlines (a spree -- not serial -- killer who knows about the presence of the supernatural in Beacon Hills; something about flies; a werewolf way to communicate with the dead; Lydia may be banshee-psychic; whatever the hell Kira is; those masked figures) was introduced instead.  It's like Jeff Davis thinks the only way the show can best itself is by literally adding more and more plot, regardless of whether all of it gets resolved in the end.  Hint: it will not.

So... yeah.

Date: 2014-01-28 12:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Head Cold Death Blargh

Ok, I'm just going to admit it...I liked this episode. The stuff that drove me crazy REALLY drove me crazy, but there was much to like.

~"We don't want anyone to know"...yeah, maybe turn off the sirens, then. dumbass. I did like the way Melissa and Sheriff sort of ignored McAsshole to talk about what's important. Nice dynamic.

~Okay, they keep doing this with Badass Mama McCall, but a floor nurse, aside from not having access to autopsy reports, IS NOT A SURGICAL NURSE. I'm sorry for shouting, but OH MY GAWD.

~To me, Stiles in the school at night is the one thing that shows they forgot to acknowledge the troubles they're having. On the other hand, being out and trying to maintain normalcy is something I can see Stiles striving for with all his might. Obviously, he is still affected otherwise he wouldn't have stood there with his hand on the fire alarm. He's known better since he was tall enough to reach.

~This episode might almost have been completely stolen by Orny. "If I were 4 years older..." :-)

~I loved the response to the twins. I liked that Stiles didn't hesitate to give his opinion like it mattered, and that Scott didn't even blink when he did. It was such a nice throwback moment to the strength of their relationship. Scott controlled Isaac gently, but listened to him, and just laughed in their twin faces.

~Danny! Lydia! THINK about the choices you're making! Both of you are going to have a lifetime of great sex, stop picking losers!

~Okay, the Hale Boys.
1. Shouldn't rePeter's blood screw up whatever DNA thing the claws have going for them?
3. Why couldn't we see Derek talk to his mom? Damn you, Jeff!
4. Where's Cora?
5. Why do we never talk about Derek's dad taking his wife's name?
5b. people keep talking about how Kira's dad wouldn't have taken his wife's name, because war or something, but if he was as much of a groupie to her family as Derek's daddy probably was for the Hale's, it works fine.
6. I don't think rePeater is an alpha except in his head.

~I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we do fish and ethnic pretty well out here, and I've never had sushi. I can use chopsticks, but not when I was in high school. Guacamole thing was just too stupid, though.

~I LOVED Stiles and Lydia. It IS the detective agency made real, I loved it. I hope they don't romance them, they make wonderful friends. I like how she talked to him, like he could help. He was careful to make sure she knew he was on her side, even when it felt like she was failing at being a banshee. He's obviously been thinking about what it means, since he told her to scream. I think he honestly didn't want her to come in to the plant simply because he didn't have another bat. Otherwise...
Papa and Stiles was great, I love the way they're talking to each other again. "Kanima" is literally the only other thing he knows besides werewolves. :-)

~Which brings me to something that bugged me, the power plant. There was no break in the fence, so when he was running the wire along the fence, that should have been it. Then they go running in, Stiles right behind Scott, but only Scott was in the room? Hello, where's Stiles?

~Kira looked a bit surprised at what she was doing. Possibly an acting choice, possibly she doesn't know she can do that.

~...was that stuff with the shirts like, sex chicken? does.not.compute. But I've lived a quiet life. I liked that Chris walked in right then, just because I miss him.

You are completely right, it was a breakaway episode, but I don't care. :-D I do find it interesting that in the promo and in this one the things in the dark are going after others and not the main three, like its going after who they care about? I completely think Kira's mom is the kitsune, and her dad knows.

In conclusion...NOKIA! for all your daily needs. If you're a student or a mass murderer, NOKIA has the functions you need to make your projects pop! NOKIA!

Date: 2014-01-29 05:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No worries. I haven't watched this week's episode and probably won't until Thursday night. Sigh...

Actually, I think Melissa McCall might be the only nurse in Beacon Hills. Peter killed the other one in the first season.

This episode might almost have been completely stolen by Orny.


Re: the Hale boys
1. DNA? What is this strange "DNA" of which you speak? That sounds like SCIENCE. We don't do science here.
3. So we'd get a contextless shot of Derek's woobie-face and be compelled to keep watching this clusterfuck.
4. Nobody cares, that is SO last season.
5. Do we even know Derek's dad's name, first or last? He might not have changed it to Hale. If he did, honestly, I don't think the writers even thought about that in making Peter Talia's brother and giving them the same last name. But maybe it's the alpha who passes on his/her name.
5b. I haven't heard any of this, but I haven't been on Twitter, so. And I hardly think you can determine the specific behavior of individuals based on broad cultural patterns.
6. Hmm, interesting theory. We haven't seen his eyes yet this season, have we?

Not sure where Stiles was; I'd have to watch it again.

Kira did look surprised, so maybe she doesn't know she's a kitsune. Or whatever it is that can absorb electricity.

Ha ha, sex chicken. That makes about as much sense as anything else.

Dude, I forgot Nokia even made phones after that one that EVERYBODY had in the early 2000s. The product placement is getting out of hand.


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