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This time I didn't write up 3.19 before watching 3.20, but it's all fucked anyway.  Okay, not completely -- I had been preparing myself for worse -- but two Jeff Davis episodes in a row?  We are but sinners in the hands of an angry God.

  • Items of "continuity": "wolf lycan lichen" (ugh, I'm such an idiot) is used to poison wolves, but grown from the blood of a nogitsune it will kill the "fox" in Stiles; if you offend a nogitsune, bad shit happens; Scott may be the twins' official alpha now; Peter's bite activated Lydia's banshee powers, which are apparently not about screaming but hearing; Malia is Peter's daughter, but Talia took the memory away from him; Kira's mom has sacrificed at least 7 (of 9 -- BOOM!  Trek ref!) tails to create the oni; nogitsune feed on chaos and pain

  • It's funny to see Deaton doing actual vet stuff... Well, okay, he starts out doing actual vet stuff.

  • Suddenly Kira can backflip.  Are flashy, terrible fighting skills part of the supernatural package?  If so, why doesn't Lydia have them?

  • Is the film sped up or does Danny run kinda funny?

  • Um, how is Peter going to teach Lydia to use her powers?  Is he a banshee expert?

  • Derek: "I didn't think Stiles was smart enough to frame us for murder."  This, combined with last week's "skinny, defenseless Stiles" (who held your dense ass up in a pool for two hours) remark just seemed weird.  Like, I get they're not friends, but they'd at least reached a grudging truce by the end of 3a.  Stiles saved Cora's life, for fuck's sake.  Even taking off my shipper hat, the lines seem out of character for Derek.

  • Fun(ish) throwback to Jared puking on the bus.

  • LOVE the scene of Stiles seppuku-ing Scott at the end.  Not just for hand!porn and Stiles' O-face, but that certainly didn't hurt.  Just a great anti-bro scene with terrific acting from Dylan.

  • There had better be a damned good reason for JD revealing Stiles as the nogitsune so early.  I just kept thinking how awesome it would be for the audience to know while the characters didn't, how much fun it is to watch Dylan slide back and forth between the two.  Okay, so I find creepy!Stiles kind of hot, shut up.

And not we move onto the hot mess that is...

  • Items of "continuity": Stiles brings his pillow with him wherever he goes because he can't sleep without it; wolf lichen "poisons" the nogitsune, giving Stiles temporary control, but can't kill it, and apparently only works once (?); Malia turned into a werecoyote on the full moon and caused the car crash that killed her mom and sister; according to the [something] scroll, the nogitsune can be exorcised by "changing the host's body"

  • So obviously Stiles checked himself into Eichen House instead of, say, the nice clean hospital where Melissa works and could keep an eye on him in order to get access to the basement.  Which the entire cast just walked right into not 2 episodes ago?

  • What do echoes have to do with anything?

  • So apparently Morrell is licensed to do literally everything.  Awesome.

  • It's confirmed that Kira's a superhero now.  Or maybe just a member of the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad.

  • What happened to the original plan to rob the armored truck with the decoy car crash?  Did I miss something?  I really don't feel like rewatching.

  • The woman who meets with Chris in the jail -- is that the La Loba lady?

  • OTP aside, I don't have any problem with Stiles/Malia... in concept.  But the downright bizarre way it was done here: "I'm dangerously insane."  "Cool, I'm a werecoyote and I want to know how to change back." "Okay, I've got this friend who--"  ::boobs::  ::sex::  Um, I really, really hope they just made out, maybe a little dry humping, because that was the very definition of unsafe sex, not least because it was in the basement of a mental institution.  (Though Stiles asking if Malia's first kiss was all right was sweet.  But I don't care how much of a teenager you are; you don't go from "first kiss" to "fucking in the basement of a mental institution" in under 30 seconds.)

  • How does the nogitsune have an actual body?  I guess that's what Lydia heard to draw her down to the basement, but... what?

  • What was Malia doing in the hospital in the first place, and how could she just leave?  I'd assumed her father had her committed, but she would've needed his permission to leave.  I don't know if minors can check themselves in.  If it weren't for the key exchange and the scene of Malia leaving at the end, I'd think both Malia and Oliver were figments of Stiles' imagination.

::whine:: This half-season started so promisingly.  Kinda.

Date: 2014-03-01 07:44 pm (UTC)
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Ok, here we go...Wolf Moss (to lazy to look up the latin)

~Deaton was sort of doing stuff, but the thing that bugged me the most was why didn't he take more?? He's obviously going to need it, it was damn hard to get it in the first place, and he takes enough for one dose? If anywhere later he says, "I don't have anymore" there will be screaming.

~Where does Stiles keep getting the emitters? To me, this points to an Alison sub-plot. Not to mention the fact that she's never been checked by the oni. Of course, with Jeff this could just be his oversight.
Seeing that emitter in the desk, all I could think of was how in the world do you repair something like that?

~I'm going to have to re-watch Danny run. But I think it was sped up to give Kira the illusion of going fast.

~I watched this again with the idea of looking for the nogitsune peeking through Stiles, and I'm not sure I ever saw it.
Well, I saw it because they tried to make me see it, but you know what I mean.

~I really liked seeing Lydia and Alison united like this. I want and always expected to see them like this more. GAWD Peter you're a drama queen, do you ever listen to yourself speak? I guess they went to him because Derek was busy and he's the only other born were they know, and in this world born=knowledge.

~I agree, Derek's dismissal of Stiles is weird, only because of all the things they've done together, no shipping required.

~Kira is obviously coming into her kitsune powers! You can tell by the leather jacket and the backflips! duh

~I'm completely on board the dark!Stiles bandwagon. O Face, hand porn, it all works for me. (i'm such a perv) and I feel sure that there's more to come, so it's okay for us to know about Stiles already.

...Jeff wouldn't disappoint us like that, I'm sure...

~Their dynamic is still working for me. The first thing Scott says after Deaton takes the sword out is "Is he okay?" So much love. :-)

Date: 2014-03-05 05:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good point about Stiles and the emitters, though don't the oni only check the supernatural beings?

Yeah, as I recall, you really only saw Stiles slip into being the nogitsune at the end. I feel like Dylan could have had much more fun with it if the other characters didn't know to look for it, though.

I keep forgetting that Lydia and Allison are best friends. And are, like, the only friend each other has. Wow, that's kind of sad.

Date: 2014-03-01 08:25 pm (UTC)
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Onward and upward...

~I know this episode was considered super triggery for a bunch of people, but speaking as one who has been on a three day hold several times before...this is nothing like it.

~The pillow thing was heartbreaking, only because Sheriff couldn't bear to leave his boy there, and it was all he could think of to try and stop it.

~The suicide was weird, it didn't seem to have anything to do with anything, except to show Stiles his vision of the nogitsune. And the echo thing must have something to do with the body in the basement? Like its the echo that is...causing...the...nogitsune...?

~Stiles didn't know he wanted the basement until Malia clocked him and he saw the patterned floor. Lydia knew he wanted the basement, but I doubt anyone bothered to tell him. The weird thing is the orderly dude saying "nobody has a key" when clearly someone does.

~Morell told Lydia in S2 that she had "over 300 clinic hours" that DOES NOT MAKE YOU ELIGIBLE TO WORK IN THE CRAZY HOUSE. Sorry, but she is not qualified to be there. And then giving him drugs, hanging him out to dry when he gets caught. And threatening to kill him was just icing at this point. freakshow.

~I think the armored car thing went haywire because the first step ~putting on the GPS tracker~ went to hell. If a full power werewolf slams a human girl into a brick wall, shouldn't she be fairly seriously hurt? Maybe Alison's superpower is adamantium.

~"Give me the finger" snerk

~That was the LA Loba lady.

~I liked Derek and Chris's conversation about berserkers. If only for Chris being 'I shall now instruct' and Derek being 'everybody knows that'.

~Is that the first time we've seen Derek in a white t-shirt? And didn't it look a great deal like the one Stiles was wearing?
just sayin'

~Okay, Stiles, Malia, and the Basement.
I don't think it happened. I think everything after they gave him Haldol was a dream. I think the nogitsune needed Stiles to truly accept him to come to full control, and the only way to make Stiles willing is to hurt someone. Plus, the nogitsune being in Stiles head has access to his thoughts, so obviously you give him a willing girl and then try to kill her. He'll do whatever he has to to save her. I think Oliver coughing up the firefly was Stile's brain trying to tell him it wasn't real. The body and the picture were also clues from his brain about what's happening. This is how it went...
Stiles needed to be saved from sleeping, so he got the closest were to help him. They then got into the basement where he believes he needs to be. She's interested in him ~I think he's quite lonely~ and it goes really well with no awkwardness (hello?). Out of absolutely nowhere she sees its a false wall, they find the body of what's haunting him, he finds something significant, and out of absolutely nowhere Oliver shows up through a door he didn't know about and threatens Malia. Forcing Stiles to be a willing participant in his possession. That's why Malia was allowed to leave, because she didn't disappear for hours the day before and/or was found in the basement with two boys.
...if that isn't exactly what happens I shall run amok and take Jeff with me.

~Deaton, if somebody's life depends on your Japanese, maybe a DICTIONARY isn't completely out of bounds. dammit, man.

~I don't think "change the body" means change the make-up of the body its already in, I think it means different host altogether.

Date: 2014-03-05 05:39 am (UTC)
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I know this episode was considered super triggery for a bunch of people, but speaking as one who has been on a three day hold several times before...this is nothing like it.

This was so over the top horror-movie cliche that it came off as silly more than anything else. I figured from the beginning, when the nurse (or whoever) didn't bat an eyelash at the guy about to hang himself, that I was going to be more bothered by the terribleness of the episode than anything triggery. :oP

Morrell is like Jeff's go-to character when there needs to be somebody who knows everything at a specific place and time. Need archaic French translation? Guidance counseling? An emissary? Amphetamines? Morrell's your gal! She's a human plot Band-aid.

I SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR STILES, MALIA, AND THE BASEMENT THEORY. And I haven't watched the latest episode yet, so don't rain on my parade.

I'll give you that Japanese is very, very hard to look up in a dictionary if it's kanji, but, yes, lives are on the line and computers exist.

That's what I thought about "changing the body" too! Why would altering Stiles' physical body matter? Fuckin' Jeff Davis.


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